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P.I.System/ naturally living families, tribes and communities

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Paradise-Island-System/ Naturally living families, tribes and communities

Author/founder:  Reinhold Schweikert


Attention: The following translation is not perfect. We still didn’t find a better translater. If you can improve the text, we are grateful.

Naturally living  people – natural products – natural services and qualities

Eating and living naturally

(Dear reader, we are very grateful, if somebody can write the following text in a better current English and send it back to us! )

Eating and living naturally brings health and happiness, freedom and justice, faith and religion by keepng the laws of God and nature. Clean communities want to do their part of curing the planet, creating the new era called “golden age”, returning to a lifestyle in paradise gardens.


Only truly naturally living people are able to produce real natural food. There is so much intoxication on this planet! That’s why we urgently have to clean up both us and our environment, if we want to survive with a good health and a true soul in a free society.

There are so many communities doing all the same popular modernized practices like yoga, tai chi, reiki, …. lefthand politics, marxism, communism, anarchism,…free sex, feminism, gay and lesbian,…. Most of them are still having those ideas of peace and sharing a free world without money and work… And so many of theese communities failed, challenged without really knowing the reasons. It seems that theese reasons are often personal matters. Somebody likes this and dislikes that, different people have different opinions, people struggle, fight against each others, … Very often the realisation of someones dreams even led to violence, to despotism, supression,… That’s why most of the people in theese movements don’t want to accept leaders any more, and the modern public systems regard “new movements”, “Gurus” and alternatives generally as beeing dangerous. – Leaders or not, what was founded in the last few decades was never something real new and good, because still none of them succeeded in living and eating really independent and natural, by following the laws of God and nature.

Some few communities at least tried to go back to nature, because they saw, that beeing dependent to the consume-system means a kind of evergrowing slavery. They wanted to escape, to flee, but their knowledge of an own independent life in nature was far away from keeping them alive there. A couple of them could reach some southern regions of Europe or even South America and stay there for a few years, if they took enough money on their way or got help from their homeland. But in the end they were dragged down and had to go back to their homeland or died in poorness and isolation.

So, why are we still trying to go this way “back to nature”, away from civilisation? Do we now have more knowledge and abilities, or a never ending source of money? – It happens that we’ve found some ways which hadn’t been gone in the last few decades or even since a long, long time ago! – Keeping the laws of God and nature, living and eating naturally was the lifestyle of mankind in paradise! – But what is paradise and who knows theese laws? – If you want to know them you have to keep them! – Without keeping them you will never understand or even be able to accept them. To find, to go this way back to God and nature is a process, which is far from beeing easy for the modern people of this world. Already Moses needed fourty years for his way out of “Egypt” (civilisation) and lots of his people failed on the way.

In the meantime, we already went our way back to paradise since more than 25 years! We could learn a lot. And for us, this way has become the only acceptable, the only good, happy and satisfying way. So we’ll go on! – If you ever want to know something about it, you can try to join us! Make a visit and get the feeling! Take your part inside a naturally living family or community, where people can live in peace and joy, because they were able to turn their back to all the bad habits of their pasture.  Let us change, let us move!

See you soon, yours, Rey

Some of our rules:

1.) We eat raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk from selfkept animals, eggs from own chicken, honey from our bees…

2.) We accept only those kinds of preparations and combinations which don´t destroy the living cells of our food. That is why we never use fire /heat, electric machines /mixer, blender, centrifuge…) frost for preparing food!.

We accept any kind of fermentation (lactoacid fermentation, alkohol fermentation, vinegar fermentation, salt conservation…)

If we dry some food it mustn´t be heated up for more than 40°C. That´s why we cannot use direct sun for drying fruits in summer.

We accept any manual grater or kitchen machines like mills, mortars,…

We accept presses if the product won´t be heated up too much.

3.) We don´t want any chemicals or anorganic material in our food or on/in our body. That´s why we don´t allow the use of cosmetics (tooth paste, shampoos, detergents, perfumes…) except those we produce ourselves. They must be as natural /raw as our food! What we cannot eat is not allowed for our body too! / You eat with your skin too.)

What we allow: Any natural oil, the juices of vegetables and fruits, all kind of natural creams (made with apiculture products, eggs, dairy products…)

We can use vinegar/lemonjuice for washing dishes, indian washnut for cloth, unperfumed soaps for washing up clothes in the river – without spoiling the water. -We can use any plant or mineral out of nature for its own purpose.

4.) We live and sleep naturally. That means: We sleep outside in the open air if possible. (Inside you inbreath your own exhaust!) We don´t use fire (except when it is very cold) and we don´t inhalate any smokes! – Of course we don´t use any other drug. We don´t use medicaments, any cooked food or drink, and stay outside of polluted areas (cities, closed rooms, …) if possible

We sleep and keep silence during the night and work during the day. The only „therapy“ we accept and use is natural food and life.

5.) We respect and protect the purity of women:

-We never try to seduce a woman or run after her. It always must be her joice to whom she wants to go, with whom she wants to speek, work or sleep.

-In order to maintain the purity and freedom of young women, we try to keep the following rules:

a) women until 20 years: We don´t do sex with them (a kiss is enough)

b) women until 27 years: We can do any sex but we should avoid penetration.

c) women until 34 years: We do penetration, but we try not to ejaculate inside. (with this the woman stays still free, without babies, without real responsability, without being really the wife of a man.

d) from 34 years on we can ejaculate inside, but then we must know, that the chosen woman is our woman and should be kept a lifetime!

Couples who are really connected by the transfer of sperms have to be considered as married. It is never allowed to take a married woman of another man. (Transfer of sperm = biological marriage!) As same as well those women should never  sleep beside someone else than her man or children. – New families should run their own farms and places..


Untouchable for external persons are the female members of the Paradise-Island-Family too. As soon as a woman wears a wooden heart (as an amulett) she hows that she belongs to our tribe and doesn´t want to be bothered by anybody from outside, who can bring her off of her way to paradise or the P.I.System-Projects. Please regard our work and projects as really serious and important matters.-More important than most of any other thing on this world!

6.) Everybody is responsable for his own life and for everything he destroys or hurts. The community can never take any responsability for a single person on the land. (If there are accidents, illness, or even death, … it´s only the person itself, who decides what he/she wants to do or not! We don´t make any insurances for the people here, so everybody has to look after his own supply/money, if he wants to use a hospital /doctor… in case of emergency.


Of course we know that common treatments by the so called health system can bring us far away from health, God and nature. That´s why we avoid any doctor or hospital as same as dentists whereever possible. -It is neither the doctor nor a medicament who cures! -It is always yourself and your natural life and food who can really cure you. -So there shouldn´t be a reason to use the old system. – All our Paradise Islands are real healing centers where you can get rid of your deseases, if you hold the rules and take your time. – We grow and use a long variety of herbs and special plants, keep natural animals, prepare certain fermentations… in order to offer anything your body needs. And -last not least, you will meet really lovely and heartful people in our places, where you can start to love and live again, where „music’s in the air.“

7.) We keep the rules of God too, mainly

-We live peaceful, we never beat or hurt somebody.

-We don´t supress or force, we are not violent

-We don´t steel or lie

-We don´t kill, also not ourselves by eating killed animals. (meat, fish)

-We don´t practice any rituals or antichristian religions. (no magical practices, no satanism, no shamanism,…


We do.nothing that is bad or just useless. We have to use each hour of the day for useful things. There shouldn´t be any hanging around or eternal discussion! If you are tired have a nap. If not, stand up and do something useful for you and others. – Don´t waste your time for meditation, yoga and other practices from the eastern world and don´t take too much time for looking at screens! (TV, computer, Video,…) If we don´t really do all the necessary practical work with all our love, we will never get free in our Garden-Paradises.

8.) We keep and rise our traditions:

Like  music, handcrafts, all the forgotten arts and traditions we need for an independent life. – Every body should try and practise /learn some handcrafts, arts, and musical instruments. Don´t be lazy!

9.) Money /Organisation: We share the money we need on the place. Clean Communities are subprojects of the Paradise Island System. You can become a member of a Paradise Island Club and get more places for you opened, if you lived in clean communities for some time. We start with a part of 100 Euros weekly per person. (Some of us might bring more, others less money.) If this is not enough, the sum can be raised. The connection with the P.I.System and our other farms will supply the community perfectly with the best goods from other farms, with self made food and drinks, … The founder of the P.I.System, the other P.I.System-Farms and the organizer of „Clean Communities“ has the right/duty to send people away if they don´t keep the rules or if the majority of the community don´t want them there.

The owners of a land have to sign a contract with the organizer (Rey) to give him the rights over the use of his land and the part of money he can get from the community.


If the income of a community is more than what she needs, the money will be invested in other P.I.System-Farms (selfsupplying agricultural systems who will be opened to the members as soon as they are able to live there.)

Each member of a clean community should produce something or offer some services to get an income. If not enough services and goods can be produced or sold /offered at the place, it might be necessary to offer or sell them in other P.I.Farms or just somewhere outside. Certain products can be offered on markets, meetings, festivals… services or art /music to anybody who wants them…)

Each community should develop an own market /shop on the ground where everybody can get what he/she wants. Each product and service has to be offered firstly to the members of the P.I.-Communities and members of the P.I.F., secondly for P.I. Club-Members and Visitors, and only at last to external people. (neighbours, next village, on meetings…)

10.) The P.I.System will be applied for /on all plans and developments to install a selfsupplying farmsystem for natural living & eating people. The works on the farms are coordinated and supervised by P.I.System-trained members of the P.I.F.R.S. All interested people can be educated in our eco-school/Portugal to get the system too. The founder has written more than 30 books about any subject of those matters. The majority is still in German and should be translated in more languages.

Some more details /customs / rules:

a) Birth

We don´t use any doctor or prenatal treatments/examinations by rayons, ultrawaves,… The birth happens at home/in nature… with the only presence and help of the father, who has been tought about the most important things. If the child is able to survive, the parents have to make the advertisments of getting documents & passports for the child, if they live in modern states.

b) Education

Our children should stay in our paradise-gardens and be tought there too. The P.I.System is a kind of a lifelong school, where everybody can develop his abilities and favorite matters. In the right moment the parents or community members take care for bringing special people to teach special handcrafts, arts, languages. The children also learn by travelling to other P.I.System Farms in other countries, or even take part in pioneering for new P.Islands. -It is not possible to send our children into ordinary schools without hurting them extremely there, because those schools use antinatural methods, lifestyles, food, … and lead to civilization /hell,…Into that system we never want to return again! Most of what the children learn they learn practically, by doing, in the moment they use, practise, produce… something. The main matters are natural agriculture, householding, keeping cattle, doing gardens,…Important too are music and religion, old handcrafts and arts, the knowledge of all the plants and their purpose /use. All the pupils learn mainly what they are interested in and never get forced to learn or do something they don´t want or like. – We respect the human rights for parents and their children in this point, whereas the public schools violence parents/children in many ways! Learning has to happen mostly outside in the open air! -Nobody can develop his spirit inside sticky classrooms and after daily travels with crowded busses into a city!

c) Lifestyle

We live and eat mostly naturally. But this doesn´t mean that we run around naked, climbing on trees like monkeys in the jungle. (-We don´t believe in the stupid theory of evolution.) – Our Paradise-Gardens are no jungles or wilderness, but well organized natural farmsystems, where we include all plants and all useful animals on their very reasonable place inside the whole autosufficient system. It is the main art for grownups to build up such a paradise-garden! -We don´t want to be dependent to public systems. That means that we try to have our own water, electricity (if wanted), toilet-system, menure, fertilizers, sources of food, drinks and everything else. That´s why we always try to complete our own network of products and services. – We need people who understand the importance of all that and really work with and for us. We have no places for lazybones or selfish, proud, agressive, … people. Even the first of us stays a servant, works as much as he can, and does what he can. -Our System is hierarchic, we are no communists! – Only with the real, original people on the top we can develop the whole system and avoid the upcoming of pseudo-leaders/kings, falsification, aberration, … -The system itself is able to improve all participants, if they keep our rules of living & eating naturally. Some of you might see certain problems if they want to practice the system at their place. P.ex. sleeping outside in the fresh air or even working outside might be difficult in a cold country with closed, isolated and central heated houses. – But maybe they get the chance to move into an old farmhouse, or somewhere even into an old castle. -The buildings of former times were much better for a natural life. -Big rooms without windows, just long and heavy curtains and an open fire place to warm up! If we all try and work together we should get or build up the right places for us, where we can do our gardens, keep our goats and cows, hen, bees, doing some traditional handcrafts  and learn what we all have fortgotten since a long long time!

d) Health

Please be aware that with our health system illness doesn´t exist much more time! -It is a sensation when we can now explain, that there will be no more fear of any microbe, parasite, epidemy,… that cancer, heartattac, … and all the other so called deseases will disappear and never come back any more..! –  We know the way of healing every thing, but nevertheless it is far away from being easy to go this way back to natural life and food. -(Antinatural life & food are like drugs, civilised people of the modern world are completely addicted in many apects. -If somebody wants to overwind them, he/she has to suffer her/his desintoxication! Our P.I.System-Islands are the best places, maybe even the only places where this is possible in this time. – Many of the illnesses, deseases, addictions people are bearing today are unknown for them, but then come out during his way back /forward to nature. „everybody has to bear his cross and follow this way,“ (to the Lord) is the best advice for healing us and our environment!

e) Work

We don´t produce things without a real practical sense. If possible, we never work just to earn money (this is slavery), because we only want to do good things, real things who really improve, … We dont participate in antinatural works, nor do we help or enable others to commit sins against God & nature. Therefore p.ex. we won´t buy cooked /denaturalized food or drinks for someone or prepare such food! As same as well we don´t buy /use medicaments, detergents, cosmetics, or any other toxic chemical for any purpose, except we still need them urgently. (P.ex. gasoil or motoroil for a car.) -We still can use technical things in a good way, p.ex. computers to spread our knowledge or electricity for water pumps, … but we always try to get free from them in the postcivilised future, or to arrange independent /autonomic systems.

f) Death

If somebody goes into the eternal worlds beyond, he should be in a good condition and well prepared for this. – For naturally living and eating people it is even possible to take their enlightened bodies with them. For not regenerated people it is necessary to leave their body back and raise only with their spiritual body, their soul. After the stop of breathing and heartbeat it lasts up to 3 das, until a soul can leave the dead corps. That means that the dying process lasts 3 days and is not terminated before! Nobody should interrupt or desturb this process, because the soul needs every cell of the dying corps to complete their whole spiritual body like a copy! – During this time nobody should burn, freeze the corps, or cut anything out of that body. Robbing parts/organs out of the corps of a living or death person is one of the worst crimes in this time! -For this it is not possible for us to die “legally” in a hospital of the current system. Even before dying we cannot go there, because they would destroy our pureness and natural bodycells into decadent cells (by cooked food, medicaments…) or even destroy our bodies with radioactivity or operations. One of the worst things are transplantations, because we steal an organ of somebody else and let them cutting (take) out our own organ! That means that we cannot develop our own soul!!! -We cannot appear in the eternity with a stolen heart of someone else!  – And someone else cannot complete his soul without his heart!!! -The different cell code of every individual makes it impossible to overtake a strange organ! – It will be rejected! Already (raw-) meat-eating causes cancer! (Meat eating makes animals out of humans and intoxicates them deadly regarding their spiritual life.)

So if somebody dies, it might be the best for him to look for some place far away in the forests, dig a grave there and try to find a friend, who will close it as soon as his body starts to become rotten. (This is a sign that the soul has already left this corps.) Regarding the situation in this world we’d better leave in silence without graveyard, tombs and ceremonies, without getting frozen, cut, stolen organs, … or even burned!

g) Recycling, menuring, toilets:

One of the biggest sins of so called civilization are the water closets and the channelsystems for waste water. -With those you take away everything from your earth and give back nothing! -(In the meantime they gave back the wellknown artificial fertilizers and all the toxic chemicals, who became necessary to beware the ill plants from being eaten by insects.) We don´t continue with this stupid earth- and soilkilling. -Therefore we recycle all our menure in our farmsystem. -If we don´t use any chamicals, cooked food, medicaments, meat, … there is absolutely no reason to regard our menure as toxic excrements: This step of the recycling circle is very important, and we use different methods of recycling, depending the climate, the number of people, the season, the intention of gardening. Some methods:

1.) We plant a special toilet area with cactus. Opuntiae are ideal for menuring, they protect us from being seen and they grow very well with it, absorbing it perfectly. Usually we bring out a lot of organic material inside this area. So everybody can easily make a whole and cover his menure again.

2.) Area with hen, ducks, sheep or porcs: Some animals still like to eat what is going from us. Especially ducks. – A very recomendable solution is the combination of chicken, ducks and cactus, because the chicken grow very well inside the cactus area too. (They get food, protection…) You can add mulberry or almonds there too. – Normally we use a dry area for this.

3.) Composting your menure in compost toilets.

4.) Bringing out your menure in garden-bed-Systems. You open aprox. 50cm deep rows and fill them up together with all the rests of plants, vegetables, fruits, the kitchen, trees… You can cover these lines with a thin lay of soil and sow out or plant on the inner sides of the walls.

Except in 3.) and 4.)

It is not useful if everybody uses the same place. For in our toilet areas, we better spread the menure over the whole place. -You can shit at any place you want. Just take a hack and make a whole. Before you close it, you can add some seeds too. With that you sew out p.ex. pumpkins or special trees every day! -If all the people would use this method with suitable seeds, we would have sown all the planet with best food within a short time! -So, stop the criminal WC- Systems and canalisation! – Within our lifestyle there are no deseases, and no parasites or microbes can harm us!

5.) Sun-dry-toilets: In hot and dry areas you can shit in the sun and let it dry within a short time. If you menure over a ground of soil at the same place every day and don´t cover it, you will attract certain animals who take the menure away. Mostly beetles will make rolls out of it and take it away into wholes in the earth they’ve made.

So, there are enough possibilities and ways of menuring. – If you want a more technical system, you can find special plans of compost toilets or even systems for making biogas. The production of energy from organic material /waste-water would be interesting for cleaning up whole villages or cities with our system. Without polluting waste-water by chemicals, we´d have immense chances to renaturalize cities and their environment. What an enormous win of fertility and wellness would be the result, if our health and food-system would be applied in whole regions!

7.) Please don´t use toilet paper! There are so many other possibilities for cleaning up! – P.ex. you can use any old or rotten piece of cloth. (it can be washed up if required) You can use sponges and water. – Sometimes you might need only water, the other day maybe some leaves of growing plants. It is even possible to clean up with sand, some wood or stones – be creative! -We never use paperhandkerchieves, toiletpaper or any other hygienic paper material! – There are much better things in nature. Don´t pollute the area by using antinatural materials!

8.) Menuring trees: We construct a small movable fence to surround a tree-area. Inside we place some gardening tools. Every day we arrange a bit of the tree-area, fertilize it with our menure, make a surrounding wall, sew out special plants. -With a movable fence you can easily change the toilet, menure at the best places, protect us from sight, and prevent, that somebody who is going barefoot gets annoyed by stepping into a shit pale. -We don´t like „public toilets.“ Nobody wants to meet the shit of somebody else. For that it is better if each member of a family or community creates his own toilet place in a way, that nobody else gets disturbed by it.


Paradiseislandsystem/ english translations/ Eating and living naturally

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Actualisation 2012: (In not perfect english)

Please note: In the following booklet I tried to give you some of the most important ideas of the „paradiseislandsystem“, which contains about 40 volumes written in German and shows a way out of this socalled civilisation, back to the country, even back to paradise. – There will no longer be illness, sadness or even sin in your life, after you’ve changed to natural food and life and suffered the period of your desintoxication and regeneration! We can even stop death like it is known now (graves, corps rotting away…) by eating and living naturally! (You’ll be able to take your body abroad too.) – So it is really worth changing!

For all those people who want to get introduced into all that, we offer our eco-schooling-sytem. With that you can start directly farming/living with us at one of our places with the help and advise of experienced personal. Especially for women we even can offer to join our family/tribe personally. Besides all the practical matters there are many more exciting and very special aspects of women-life under paradisal conditions to explore! . It could be more than you even can dream about!

Please note as well: In the last chapters I wrote about some nowadays very unpopular subjects. One of my duties is to revoke all the wrong or even criminal laws of our modern world. So I even defended „incest“, especially marriage between brother and sister as not beeing against the laws of nature. – That doesn’t mean at all, that there is any incest inside my family or that I’d like to take one of my daughters! – I plainly feel a barrier against this and respect the laws of the bible as well. – But I don’t like to condemn anybody who does it, if it is really based on love. For that I reminded on some of the lots of examples in history, where incest was a must and has been practiced successfully. (pharaos, inka,…)

I recommended as well, that women should stay with their first lover, and that men should not to penetrate women under 27 years. I’ve set up some rules to avoid overpopulation, premature-sex  and loosing freedom and fortune by doing too much too young. – Please don’t take them too rigid and don’t make new laws out of it! – Remember: This will be our behaviour in paradise! – But now we still live in hell! – Under antinatural conditions and food there’ll always be degeneration, aberration, perversion,… all the dirty feelings and deeds of socalled „love“, all the polygamy, one night stands, prostitution… and in the end all the misery, pain, trouble, violence, crime and cruelty… I don’t want to create another puritan era, but I want to substitute bad things into good things, replace lies with truth, drugs with our best wine and food, … We can create real pleasure for body and soul! We can cure our environment and even the planet for a Golden Age! – So let’s begin!

The Paradise-Island-System/English translations

Eating and Living Naturally

The successful way back to nature

How to avoid or survive the big crash/ third World War

By:Reinhold Schweikert,  email:

written in Portugal during summer 2005


Why should we live naturally?

In fact, this might be the most stupid question on earth. But even today people don’t know or don’t think about the extreme damage an unnatural modern lifestyle causes to every being that is exposed to anything unnatural in all physical and mental aspects of life. So this question is still very often asked, together with the question: Why should we eat our food raw? – I could also ask: Why shouldn’t we kill ourselves along with our planet? – Because this will happen soon if we don’t change to a natural lifestyle right now!

At this moment, I’m holding in my hands one of those advertising catalogues sent out weekly or even daily showing me what I should buy for my life in this modern world: TV sets, projectors, cameras, audio and video systems, computers, all kinds of players, carradios, (cordless/ cellular (US) = Handy) telephones, coffee machines, cooking pots, grills, barbecues, sandwich grills, kitchen machines, graters,mixers, centrifugal machines, frying pans, liquidizers, mincers, toasters, electric knives, ham-cutting machines, hot water bottles and so on. They really make people believe that they need electric razors, electric hair-cutters, depilators, electric toothbrushes, massaging machines, tension measurers, hair dryers, generators, irons, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, electric ovens, water heaters, stoves, exhausters, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, ventilators, fans…and more. – Isn’t it horrible? My grandfather didn’t need any of these! And he was right! –They sell all these devices to waste energy, damage our food and bring us further away from a natural lifestyle.

Do we want to become artificial technical, robots? All these electric and electronic machines will cause electromagnetic fields, radiation of almost any frequency up to X-rays! Our body system, every cell of our organism will be permanently impaired/ bombarded/ affectetd or irritated by them. The repair of damaged body cells will cost us a great deal of our daily energy ration. We will often be tired and exhausted, nervous and angry, lose our good vibrations and our life-power. If our organism is not able to repair all the damage caused by an unnatural environment and denaturalized food, it will collapse, fall ill and grow old. – So, ask yourself seriously, why do you want or already use all these things? – Because everybody’s using them? – We don’t really need any of these machines, especially not the ones which have been invented during the last few decades to destroy our food (microwave ovens) If we don’t use them, there is not only the advantage of saving money or using less electricity, the abandonment of an unnatural lifestyle and unnatural food will even stop decadence; it will be able to cure our bodies and souls and even our planet!

Who told us to live so much against the laws of God’s own nature?

Who allowed us to destroy our food by fire or even microwaves? There’s no living creature that is creating so much craziness, violence, cruelty and war, disorder and decadence, pollution and destruction, misery and pain as the human beings of this “modern” world! Didn’t you ever think there must be a reason; there must be something seriously and fundamentally wrong, that totally violates the laws of God and nature? – Here is another idea for you: Just read the first page of the Bible and see how Adam and Eve lived in paradise! Did they use electricity or any of the above-mentioned machines? Did they cook their food? Did they eat meat from animals? – None of this! – And now ask yourself: Why were they so happy? Why couldn’t any physical or mental disease afflict them? – Can you already see the reason? If not, I’ll help you:

Because they lived naturally, because they kept the laws of God and nature!

If you are in doubt about these simple reasons, I can give you lots of proof in my German books. This introduction only contains a minimum of information. Take the milk of a cow, boil it and give it back to her calf afterwards. – Within a few weeks this calf will die! – Killed by cooked food! Natural food – milk, eggs, honey, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts…- are living and get killed by fire. Cooked food hasn’t got the same ingredients and value/nutrients as natural food. The natural harmonic order in the macromolecules of living natural food gets destroyed during the cooking process. Various processes of heating up our food even create a large amount of new and toxic elements, which don’t exist in the raw version. Fried, roasted, microwaved, cooked… molecules cannot keep their geometric chain structure and loose their natural tension, their ability to absorb and retain light and their life, when heated up to more than 42oC (e.g. milk, although some other nutrients are more durable). They get destroyed, killed and in some cases even changed into toxic substances. Cooked food is dead food! And it’s dead food which leads us to old age and death, destruction and decadence, war and violence, misery, illness and pain. Our body doesn’t work well with it! And in line with our body our mind deviates/wanders, we get depressed or aggressive, paranoid, abnormal and permanently perverse.

Because we are a part of God’s own nature, we need natural food!

If you have understood, you will now ask: Can’t we live again as they did in paradise and be healthy and happy in our paradise gardens? – This time you have an excellent idea! – Why shouldn’t we move back to our paradise gardens, even after thousands of years? Are they closed? – No, God never closes any way to heaven. – We have destroyed almost all the gardens and lost the knowledge and feeling for creating them, but we still live on the same planet! Can’t we learn to plant them again? – Would it be possible? – I can tell you one thing for sure: It is possible, because we already did it, even in Portugal! And it will be possible for you too, if you really want it!

The following booklet will give you an outline of natural food and life. Taste the delicious recipes and already feel the healing effect of natural food! Try to find your own recipes based on 100% raw and natural ingredients and get back to nature alreadythrough your diet. Never use any electric machine for preparing your meals!

If you want to know more, we should translate some of my 16 books about the “Paradise Island System” into your language.

The successful way back to nature:


Our family live and work in our own gardens. Our bedrooms grow in the middle of rose bushes, quinces, berries and orchards, but we don´t lack privacy or protection. Inside, the atmosphere is calm, protected from winds. The air is fresh with a delicious smell and the birds wake us up with their singing. In the morning, when we open our eyes, we see beautiful flowers and fruits that hang over our heads, ready to be eaten.

Suggestions for theshapes of “living hedge bedrooms”:

Family or childrenCoupleAnimals


Here we’re only going to give you some examples of typical recipes with/from our natural food. They’re all easy to prepare and will help you to find your own recipes later on. The secret of our excellent raw meals is that all recipes are simple. The single dishes with all the different salads – up to ten – of a whole meal are not too overloaded,over-prepared or mixed up.


Of course you can also easily have breakfast by just picking fruits directly from the trees in your garden and drinking some milk from your goats:

a)Fermented milk with berries

Raw milk soured or coagulated in a mud pot

Raspberries (may be replaced by fruit of the season)

Red currants

Grated of half a lemon or orange

1 raw apple

1 raw egg yolk

2 or 3 lettuce leaves


Put the milk in a bowl and cover it with the raspberries and red currants (if the fruit isn´t sweet enough, add honey and pollen from a natural bee plate (?)). Sprinkle it with the grated lemon or orangepeel. This dish can be served with apple, raw egg yolk, lettuce and olives (as shown in the following photo).

b)Fresh milk with grated apple


Fresh milk (for babies preferably goat’s milk as it is easier to digest)

1 raw apple

1 raw egg yolk


Garden mint

Squeeze the oranges with a hand squeezer in order to obtain really natural juice. If you don’t have oranges, use any other self-pressed fruitjuice or eat the whole fruit. In summer we prefer all kinds of melons.

Then put the milk in a bowl and add raw grated apple. This meal can be served

with raw egg yolk, olives and garden mint. Use wooden dishes if possible.


From left to right:

a)French beans with tomatoes and onions

Raw grated French beans

Raw tomatoes cut in pieces

Raw grated onions

Olive oil

Sea-water salt



Mix all the ingredients in a saladbowl.

b)Carrots with dried fruit

Finely grated raw carrots. Ground hazelnuts, nuts or almonds

Dried ground figs


Mix everything in a salad bowl. The dried fruit can be replaced by apple ground with the juice and grated peel of a lemon.

c)Onions with cheese

Raw onions

Olive oil


Sea-water salt

Grated cheese

Cut the onions in thin slices and put them in a salad bowl. Add the olive oil, vinegar, sea-water salt and the grated cheese. Mix everything well.

d)Cucumber with fresh cheese

1 raw cucumber

5 cloves of garlic

Olive oil


Fresh cheese


Cut the cucumber in thin rounds and put it in a salad bowl. Add the cloves of garlic cut in small pieces or pounded in a mortar. Then add olive oil, vinegar, ground fresh cheese and spices (preferably dill). Mix everything well.

e) Raw potato salad

3 or 4 raw medium-sized potatoes

Red wheat

Raw peanuts

Sunflower seeds

Dried mushrooms

Wild herbs

Olive oil

Sea-water salt

Grate the potatoes very finely. Grind a handful of hard red wheat. Then grind another handful of sunflower seeds, one of raw peanuts and a last one of dried mushrooms. Cut the wild herbs (stinging nettles, for example) with a rocker knife. Put everything in a bowl and flavor with olive oil and sea-water salt, mixing with a fork without pressing.

Your raw potato salad is the basis of every day’s lunch and can be varied in many ways. An easy way is to make it just with ground raw peanuts and hard cheese with the addition of some sea salt and olive oil.

(Attention: Lately harvested potatoes might cause some sickness, as well as some „modern“ species can have too much solanin. If raw potatoes have a bitter taste, choose others. Never use green parts of a potato!)

f)Spinach with raw egg yolk

Raw spinach ( it can be replaced by other leaves, such as turnips or stinging nettles)

Olive oil

Sea-water salt

4 cloves of garlic

3 raw egg yolks

Pass the spinach leaves through your handcrafted kitchen machine or pound them in a wooden mortar. After that, put them in a bowl and add olive oil, sea-water salt and the finely chopped cloves of garlic and egg yolks. Mix carefully with a wooden spoon.

g)Cabbage with fresh cheese

Tender leaves of raw cabbage

Fresh cheese or coagulated/sour milk

Sea-water salt

Olive oil

Vinegar or the juice of one lemon

Cut the cabbage leaves very fine (and/or beat them in your wooden mortar) and put them in a salad bowl. Then add the fresh cheese or the fermented milk. Flavour with sea-water salt, olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice.


a)Bitter Salad

Raw endive leaves (If not known, they can be replaced by any bitter salad or wild leaves)


Sea-water salt

Olive oil

Juice of a lemon or orange

Cut the leaves in thin pieces and put them in tepid water for 10 minutes, in order to get rid of the acidity. If you want to keep the acidity in the leaves, just add raw grated apple. It’s healthier if the acidity isn’t removed completely. Then drain off the water with the help of a filter. Separately, grind the garlic and flavour with sea-water salt. Put this mixture in a salad bowl with the bottom covered with olive oil. Finally add the lemon/orange juice and the leaves alternately. This recipe is best served with raw potato salad and it can also be eaten at lunch.

(See the photos on the following page)

b)Salad rolls – easy and funny, especially for children

1 raw leaf of lettuce, turnip or any other leaf

1 raw tomato

1 raw onion

Goat or cow cheese

Other raw vegetables in addition

Spread out the leaf, place the other ingredients on it and roll it up.

Some additional suggestions for lunch or dinner

Courgette (long Italian pumpkin) or young squash: Grate the courgette into long, thin spaghetti strips. Grind hard cheese together with raw peanuts and some garlic rather fine. Add some sea salt and a little oil and mix it without squeezing. – Preferablyfor the evening meal with natural red wine.

Powerful vegetable mix: Grind hard cheese together with raw peanuts. You can grind some wheat, too. Take all the vegetables you have and grate them in such a way that all of them need more or less the same time to chew. (Softer vegetables can be sliced less thinly)If you’re in a hurry, just cut them all in equal slices with your handcrafted kitchen machine. For example, you can use tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, courgette, cabbage, paprika and spicy herbs for one complete meal. Finally add some sea salt, egg yolks and oil and mix them all together. – Preferably for evening meals or raw fast food. .

Tomato and vegetable soup: Pass lots of well-ripened tomatoes through your handcrafted kitchen grater to Liquidize them and add oil and sea salt. Now flavour this basis for your raw soup with all the additions you want or find in your gardens. I suggest red hot chillies, spicy herbs, some spinach or cabbage leaves (cut), sliced mushrooms, spaghetti-grated young pumpkin “noodles” –, some egg yolks and a dash of wine or vinegar.

Maize porridge: Peel the corn from the cob. It should already be yellow but still not totally ripe and hard. Grind it, pass it through a fine grater or pound it together with some sea salt in a wooden mortar. Add some oil.


a)Honey banana with nuts

A banana

Liquid honey


Peel the banana and put it on a plate, whole or cut in half. Pour the liquid honey on top and sprinkle with ground nuts.

b)Fruit salad

Various fruit

3 tablespoons of fresh cheese

Cut the fruit in pieces and add the fresh cheese, mixing everything in a bowl. If the fruit is bitter, just add a little honey and white wine. The kinds of fruit that are most suitable for this salad are bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, figs, grapes, cherries, mulberries, oranges and all kinds of berries.

c)Figs with fresh cheese


Fresh cheese or cream

Cut the figs in half and put them on a plate. Then cover them with fresh cheese or whipped cream.

d) Raw cake




Dried fruits

Pods of the carobtree

Red wheat or oats

1 lemon

6 raw egg whites


Grind the nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, dried fruits and the carob pods. Grind the wheat, but not very fine. Pass the whole lemon with the peel through your hand crafted kitchen machine. Mix everything. Then beat the raw egg whites until they’re stiff, but before the end add the honey and finish beating. Add the whites very carefully to the mixture. Put this mixture in an ungreased cake tin. Let it stand for one hour or one day in a cool place. Finally, take it out of the cake tin and it is ready to serve.



1 lemon


Dried fruits (optional)

Grind the nuts and dried fruits. Squeeze the lemon and add the honey. Knead everything and shape the mixture into round balls. After resting for one hour they are ready to serve.

e)Raw tart






Dried fruits

Carob pods

6 raw egg whites


Juice of a lemon





Other fruit

Fresh cheese

For the base, grind the wheat and add the remaining ingredients. Mix everything very well until you obtain a smooth dough and press it with your hands. Use this to cover the bottom of a tart tin. On top put a mashed banana (mash it with a fork). Then cover the banana with other fruit cut very thin and finish with a layer of fresh cheese. Finally, garnish with raspberries and/or sprinkle with ground nuts.

Raw bread (simplified version)


Sea-water salt

Olive oil or oil

a)Soak the wheat in water for one day. Then take it out of the water and grind or pound it in a mortar. Add the sea-water salt and the olive oil, mixing everything with a wooden spoon. You can eat it together with salads or just tomatoes, cheese, olives… for lunch or dinner. Leave it to dry for half a day and it’s ready to eat.

b)Grind the wheat and add olive oil and sea-water salt. Mix with enough fresh milk so that the dough becomes smooth and you’re able to shape and cut it after it has soaked up all the milk. It’s ready to cut and serve after some hours.

c)Grind the wheat and add dried fruit, nuts and carob. Add fresh milk to make a smooth dough. Leave it in a bowl covered with a dry cloth for 4 to 6 hours. After it’s shaped, it’s ready to eat.

Raw Pizza



Olive oil/oil


Raw vegetables


Grind the wheat and add the sea-water salt, olive oil/oil and water. Mix everything and shape a pizza base which is left to dry for one hour. Put the base on a pizza plate and cover it with tomato, garlic, hot paprika, onion, olives, cheese, etc. Then it’s ready to serve.

Peanut/nut butter

Raw peanuts or nuts

Raw tomato

Sea-water salt

Grind the peanuts or nuts. Pound them in a mortar with a little tomato, garlic and sea-water salt. Mix everything together and serve.

Avocado with egg yolk

1 raw avocado

2 raw egg yolks

Sea-water salt


Olive oil/oil

Cut the avocado into two equal parts and take out the seeds with a spoon. Put a raw egg yolk in each half and flavour with sea-water salt, parsley and olive oil/oil. Garnish with two slices of lemon and serve.

Raw cactus (young leaves of opuntia spec.)

Young cactus leaves

Ground raw peanuts


Pick young cactus leaves and remove their thorns in water with a brush, with a knife or with your hands. Cut them into thin slices and put them in a bowl. Then add the ground peanuts and vinegar. You should never add olive oil or other salad oil to the cactus because it already contains a lot of oily, mucous substances.

Raw cauliflower

Raw cauliflower


Olive oil

1 raw egg yolk (optional)

Grind the cauliflower and the wheat. Mix everything in a salad bowl and flavour with a little olive oil. This mixture can be made with raw egg yolk.

Scrambled eggs

Raw eggs


Grated peel of one lemon

Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Beat the egg whites until stiff, but before the end add a little honey and the grated lemon peel, then finish beating. It can be served like this or with the raw egg yolk mixed in finally too. Eat it immediately, because this dish becomes liquid quickly.

Orange juice with goat or cow milk

Natural oranges

Goat milk

Squeeze oranges for half a cup of juice. Add the goat milk until the cup is full and stir with a spoon. It’s better to use goat milk because cow milk coagulates very fast when it’s mixed with citrus fruits. (We advise not making this mixture with pasteurized milk or with artificial orange juice.) Drink it with a straw.

Note: We never recommend any cooked food or artificial additives. If you want to digest well, feel good and stay healthy only eat raw meals! Don’t combine raw food with cooked food. Start every day only with raw food and keep up this habit as long as possible. As soon as you’ve eaten or drunk just one denaturalized component, your stomach and digestion are already spoilt at least for the rest of the day.

Unboiled spring water tea

Fresh or dried flowers

Fresh or dried spices

Fresh or dried leaves

Dried fruit

Spring water

Put the flowers, spices, leaves and the dried fruit (figs, oranges, pears, mulberries, cactus, grapes, plums, etc.) in the bottom of a mud pot. Fill up the pot with fresh spring water and let it stand for at least one hour. If, after two days, you still have tea in your pot, take out the flowers, spices, leaves, dried fruit and put the liquid into bottles to ferment for some more days. The result of this fermentation is a gassy, slightly alcoholic drink.

Note: In order to always have enough dried plants for your tea, you should collect all kinds of suitable plants during the season each year. It will be a great experience if you taste and try all the different kinds of plants in your surroundings. You can become acquainted with them by drinking their waterextract.. Don’t forget to pick all the dry fruit and even gather the fruits pecked by the birds from your garden. Especially lots of pecked out grapes can be easily collected already dry in autumn. Even if their quality is not good enough for eatingthey might still be good enough as dried fruits to improve and sweeten your tea. – Don’t forget, we never use sugar! And honey is scarce!


Goat or cow milk

Dried thistle blossoms (special thistle called “cardo” growing in southern Europe)

Sea-water salt (optional)

Spices (optional)

After milking the goat or cow, add the liquid from the thistleblossoms (previously soaked in water) to the warm milk so that it coagulates. The milk coagulates after nearly half a day at a room temperature of between 20 and 30 degrees (it should never exceed 40 degrees). Then remove the coagulated milk with a filter and put it in plastic cheese moulds. If you don’t have moulds, put the coagulated milk in a cloth which is tied up and hung or put on top of a filter, so the serum can drain out. The cheese is eaten fresh, soft or hard. To conserve the cheese for a long period of time, add sea-water salt and let it dry in the air.

In order to protect the cheese from flies while it is drying, clean it with salty water of maximum concentration. Another method of conservation is to cover the cheese with dry spices while it is still moist.

Preparation of the thistle blossoms:

Put the thistle blossoms in a glass and cover them with water. Let them stand for at least half a day. Then crush them with your fingers in order to obtain the liquid which is added to the milk fresh from milking. You can use a wooden mortar as well to squeeze out all the ingredients of the blossoms.

There will be many other ways for you to make cheese but, for now, let’s start with just this first one.

Olive oil


Crush the olives with a handcrafted machine made of steel or stone. Put them in a press and keep them under constant pressure. The liquid that comes out will separate into olive oil (above) and olive juice (below). Take off the olive oil and store it in a cool, dark, place.

You can construct efficient presses from old-fashioned lifting jacks. The modern hydraulic jacks are not able to maintain pressure for a long time. It is better not to use presses with a spiral snake system. The pressure and temperature created by this systems can be already too high and destroy the fat molecules. For the same reason you shouldn’t use any centrifugal or other modern systems with too high a speed or pressure. Olive oil shouldn’t be heated to a temperature higher than 42 degrees during the whole production process.


Grapes – nothing more!!

Our wine here in Portugal is made from ripe morangueiro grapes. You can use any well-ripened grapes from your region. The grapes musn’t have been treated with any chemicals nor do we want any artificial fertilizer in the vineyard. The grapes shouldn’t grow close to smelly rivers or creeks.

Pick them when completey ripe and pick off only the sweet berries from the bunch. Press the berries with a hand machine or by treading them with your feet and put them in a mud pot. They are left to ferment, without any additives, for a period of seven to ten days, or more if the temperature is low. The warmer the climate, the quicker the fermentation. Low-temperature fermentation can enhance the quality of the wine After this preliminary fermentation the skins of the grapes should have risen to the top. Now separate these empty grape skins from the wine, remove them and put them in another mud pot. Cover the pot well to avoid insects entering. Don’t allow anybody to add any ingredients or use any unnatural treatment. Our wine stays in this pot until the fermentation is almost completed. We bottle our morangueiro with a little remaining sweetness, so it can gain a bit of gas, which improves its strawberry taste.

Note: Prickling gas will develop if the fermentation is not complete. But if you bottle the wine too early, you run the risk of the bottle exploding, if it is not a special bottle for sparkling wine. (Coca cola bottles stand the pressure too.)

Lactic-acid fermentation


Sea-water salt


Vinegar (optional)

Wine (optional)

We never need any cooking process for conserving all vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, paprika, French beans, onions, broad beans, chillies, mushrooms, garlic, etc.), because we use raw lactic-acid fermentation.

Cut the chosen vegetables into pieces, add enough sea-water salt and dried aromatic herbs. Put everything in a jar and press very well with some wood, until the mixture is covered with the vegetables’ own liquid. If the liquid is not enough, add a more juicy vegetable, such as the tomato. You can also use vinegar or wine as alternatives. Close the jar very well and let it ferment for at least one month. Some fermentations need six months or more. The more nourishing components (cereals, beans, leguminosae…) you add, the more salt you need and the more time you should wait until eating. Before adding them, you can soak cereals or beans in water. If you crush or grind them it might be advisable to preferment the mixture in a mud pot. If not, the pressure inside the jar could increase too much.

If you use high-quality vegetables and enough salt, lacto-acid fermentation can preserve vegetables forup to seven years and more.

We don’t do it, but if you think you need it (during winter because you lack sunvitamin D) you can also add some unsoaked dried or salted fish, such as cod, anchovies or sprats,… To dry raw fish, lay the fresh fish in salt for one day. Afterwards hang it on a stick and let it dry in the open air.

Fermentation of olives


Olive oil


Sea-water salt


Laurel leaves

Dried aromatic herbs

Fill a big bowl with ripe olives and grease them with olive oil. Add the crushed garlic, sea-water salt, laurel leaves, chillies and the dried spices. Mix everything very well, so that the salt stays glued to the olives. Put this mixture in a glass jar or in a wooden or plastic barrel. The fermentation of olives takes at least two months. During fermentation shake and turn the jar or barrel a few times (once a week), to lubricate the olives.


Dry your fruits in the shade if the sun gets too hot. Especially for herbs, direct sun can destroy too many ingredients and make them lose their green color. Cut fruits into slices to dry them more quickly, if necessary. The thinner the slices are, the faster they dry. Don’t forget to dry vegetables and herbs too. Dried tomatoes, paprikas, Jerusalem artichokes… can be important ingredients for your meals during winter. You can salt some Jerusalem artichokes (topinambur) slices to make chips. Use dried laurel, thyme, rosemary, savory and many others for delicious lacto -acid conservation of vegetables, mushrooms and olives too.

Store all dried fruit and vegetables in a dry place and use them up before the next season comes with fresh fruit.


We use the following handcrafted tools from left to right for these purposes:

Grater No.1: apples, radish, backside: carrotsNo.2: potatoes, turnips, pumpkin, courgetteNo.3: Onions, Cucumber (slices)No.4: Stone-mortar: seasaltNo.5: Handcrafted kitchen machine (Messerschmitt system) with different cutting cylinders for each kind of preparation. No.6: (back) Mill for grinding cereals from the same system.

Handcrafted kitchen machine: Messerschmidt Hausgeräte GmbH, Ortinstraße 5,

D-78126 Königsfeld (Germany)Tel.: 0049/ (0)7725/3065

Below: Wooden mortar and grinding bowl, self-made from stone

SOME of our RULES:

Fruits, specially citrus, should be totally natural and untreated;

– Our salt is from the sea, not refined, not cleaned;

– The goat or cow cheese is home-made and, of course, raw

– The meals should be served with morangueiro or other naturalred wine (only made

of grapes, without additives or heating) or natural orange juice. If meals are not

satisfying, you can supplement them with a dessert of cheese and fruit

(banana, apple, pineapple, pear or fresh figs).The wine can be mixed with some


– Ifmilk and/or eggs are not available, we replace them by other high level protein

components like: Nuts, cereals, leguminosea.

– We advise you not to drink water while eating raw food. Water should be drunk

either half an hour before or not until two hours after a meal, because water reduces

the stomach’s digestive power.

– We eat from plates made of cork tree wood. It’s always better to use wooden dishes.

They never break and don’t even need to be washed.

– Before the meals we sing a song of thanksgiving to the Lord.


If possible, only drink spring water from a cup made of stone, wood, cork, a calabash or glass, or with your hands or mouth. Just like food, it begins to loose tension and vitality when it’s removed from its natural environment… If you want to store water at home, you should use a mud pot. In this way the loss of vitality will be slower. In summer, you can mix water with some wine or orange juice.


Milk must be natural as well, from goats or cows, that means not pasteurized or homogenized. Animal feed should also be natural, without any kind of additives. The cattle should never be treated with medicine or vaccines because we also eateverything they eat.. Likewise the cattle must not be mistreated by their owner because this affects the quality of the milk too.


Every nation needs a solid base of small farmers, mainly self-sufficient ones. All the most important fresh and green products for our daily needs should be planted on everyone’s own farms. The quality of our vegetables grows if the work is done by hand, without machines, chemicals or artificial fertilizers. If possible, we keep goats, chickens, bees or even one or two cows to supply a family with milk, cheese, eggs and honey of excellent quality and also to obtain natural manure and fertilizers. When everybody does their own natural farming, the basic necessities of all are satisfied and unemployment is zero. Even the smallest child will love to do some work for it’s own sake. Our youth will be used to daily work and responsibility. Life becomes real with self-sufficient natural farming. Nature is the best school for both our bodies and our souls. There will no longer be youngsters hanging around in the cities, becoming lazybones, criminals or bureaucratsif we go back to the country and stay on our farms.

Our system is only successful if society allows every child to stay at home with the parents on the farm. Children can be taught and grow up there much better than with the state schools, where crime and oppression, drugs and alcohol, sexism and distraction from anything natural and real will destroy their bodies and souls. “They never return.” – Children spoilt by city life won’t be able to return to nature. They can’t even want it any more. They will remain dangerous parasites on this planet for a lifetime, using up our products and resources and only giving back pollution, destruction, oppression, violence and war.


Especially for the development of musicality, arts and manual crafts it is necessary to teach children at home on the farm. If they have to go into the cities for school, they will lose not only lots of time, but also their sensibility. They’ll fall into decadence mentally and physically. Besides the practical methods (gardening, animals, housework, sewing) in our natural school, they should be taught the following at home:


We use different kinds of instruments and books (instruction and singing). We

offer books by classical composers and audio and video equipment;


Our children do paintings with watercolors, charcoal, pencil and oil paints. They draw with different kinds of material, such as colored pencils, wax crayons, markers and graphite. They shape objects from clay of various colors. – Of course, the most important art, especially for adults, is organizing a paradise garden.


We read religious books and the Bible. The most capable authors are the ancient ones. Our favorites are Emanuel Swedenborg, Thomas von Kempten and Dante. Before lunch, we sing hymns to thank God for our food. We think that the best way to live in communion with God is to live in nature and eat raw food that has not been destroyed by fire. The holy spirit of the Lord is received by every plant and natural living and eating being in this world. Everything in nature grows with a certain well-organized plan only because of this spirit. Cooking food or adding unnnatural ingredients means destroying or disturbing this divine plan of communication with the Lord through natural food and life. We think that all the big constructions from unnatural materials in the modern world have created another Babylon, which will finally (soon) experience a terrible fall. We have the following choice: either we go on building up Babylon with a total crash in the end. (Even if there isn’t a worldwide collapse soon, all of us will end and collapse finally through our death) – Or we start to live and eat naturally, heal ourselves and our environment, and go to paradise/heaven finally. This final promise is still given by the Lord to everybodywho is obedient to His laws – the laws of God and nature!


We don’t need competitive games because we don’t want to fight against each other or waste our energies for nothing. We exercise our bodies by working in nature and with games such as climbing trees or swimming in natural lakes. There can also be a lot of exercise done between couples because raw food and natural life give more power.

e)Writing and Reading

We don’t need to imprison our children in traditional schools for years for them

to learn how to write and read. We just need some books and a little time

to teach them the first steps because, after that, we offer a whole variety of

literature, according to age. Children are autonomous and choose what they

most want to learn by themselves. We have a rich library with many different

literary works on the following subjects:

biology, science, animals, plants, history, geography, construction, handcraft,

religion, poetry, music, art, science fiction, romances, adventures, sewing, food,

gardening, comics and more.


First we learn the basics, such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. But the most important thing is to apply what we have learned in practical life; for example by building wooden or rope gates, wooden or iron tools for agriculture (rakes, horseshoes, brooms, ladders, wheels, wagons), furniture and wooden or stone houses, stone walls, wells, wooden barrels, wooden boats, rope nets, shoes, clothes, millstones, wicker baskets, drawing frames and wax candles.

When the children grow older, they specialize their interests. One of my sons, now aged 19, learnt to play five instruments and studied the ancient composers. In the meantime, he composes his own music. The younger one (15) is more interested in practical, technical things. By repairing all the old cars on our farm he already became a capable mechanic. He likes to work with wood and already constructed lots of wooden tools and machines. My eldest daughter (20) was always very interested in music too. She learnt to play some instruments, but was more interested in listening to all the traditional music and learning to know all the films and actors of the past.. She also started with arts. She’s already selling paintings in a souvenir shop now. Lately she began to sew beautiful traditional costumes of the middle ages and of our homeland.

It is important that within our schooling-system children only learn and practise useful professions. They do what is really worth to be done and needed within their life. As well very important is, that all of them know the basic rules of life, especially how to manage their gardens and how to keep their cattle.


We can find everything we need in nature. We don’t need to use chemical or artificial products. It’s against nature and the laws of God to produce artificial things. It’s just not permitted. Our civilization is based on artificial things. Most of them involve violations of the laws of nature (incl. the consume of animals’ meat). And most of them bring more disadvantages than advantages. The replacement of natural things by artificial ones has not only diminished the quality of life, but also increased pollution and the waste of resources and energy. If the women in this modernworld wouldn’t use washing machines, all nuclear reactors could probably be shut down immediately. In areas where water is scarce, we also run the risk of contaminating drinking water.

How can we avoid the use of chemicals?

Most of the time it’s sufficient to wash objects with water without adding detergents. The best way to wash the body is with water. Normally it doesn’t need cosmetics, which can be very toxic. The body’s beauty comes from natural life and food, it cannot be created artificially with cosmetics. But if there might be a need for cosmetics, we can use everything that comes directly from nature, without transformations:

a) Hair

It can be washed with raw scrambled eggs and a little honey and rinsed with water at the end. If the hair is very oily, scrub it with fruit or wine vinegar mixed with a bit of water. Leave this to act, massaging for one minute and then rinse with water.

If you want to color your hair, you can use any colorful plant or fruit for this. Try hulls ofwalnuts, red turnips, black or red berries, pound them with a mortar and bring the porridge onto your hair for about ten minutes or more.

b) Baths

It’s possible to prepare special baths with flowers or dried spices,which are put in a cloth bag which, in turn, is immersed in water. The water is heated to a temperature that mustn’t exceed 40 degrees because otherwise it will lose tension and “steal” energy from the body (tea bag effect). You shouldn’t mix water of a temperature above 40 degrees with cold water. You can also add milk serum to the bath water to clean the skin. But, normally, when you eat raw food, you don’t need a lot of washing, because there are no bad smells or bacteria.

c) Dishwashing

If the dishes are very greasy, we use lemon juice, vinegar or milk serum, otherwisewater is sufficient. As our food is raw, there will be no bacteria or bad smell if dishes are left without washing with left-overs on them. We use indian washnuts to keep the glasses clean and shining. (Pound some shells in the mortar and dissolve the powder in warm water.)

d) Clothes

For clothes we can use water with a temperature over 40 degrees because the “tea bag” effect is wanted to remove the dirt more easily. You can also use bars of soap, but it’s best to use products extracted directly from nature. If you use soap, you have to rinse the clothes very well, so they don’t smell. There are many plants that have the same effect as soap, the best is probably the Indian washnut. These nutshells are also good for bathsand for your dishes.

e) Heating

In winter, if it’s very cold, (below 10 degrees), we use the fireplace to heat ourselves, in the morning and in the afternoon. Nevertheless our house is not closed. We open windows and doors for the air to circulate. Fires in open fireplaces release fewer harmful toxins, so they are “healthier” than those produced in closed spaces, such as in ovens. We should only burn things that come directly from nature. We light the fire with broom and burn wood, never paper. To burn plastic is particularlypolluting because it releases all the worst toxins.

We should avoid fire wherever and whenever possible.


Causes and Processes of Illnesses

Our body was created with perfection by the creator. There will be no illnesses if we live in a natural way in our paradise islands. The emergence of illnesses only demonstrates that man has sinned against the laws of nature, which are the laws of God. There are two main causes of illnesses:

a) Insufficient Food

If our food doesn’t have all the nutrients that our bodies need for our way of life and if they are insufficient or if they are not correctly prepared or combined, our body weakens and regeneration of the cells will stop. Finally, when our energies are drained, our immune system may collapse. Thus, a great number of illnesses can appear.

b) Intoxication/Toxicity

There are many causes of intoxication/toxicity, but the main ones are cooked food and polluted air. It’s very important not to forget the air because our lungs “eat” 24kg of air every day.We inhale toxins in traffic daily, but also inside offices, houses, factories and all closed areas, especially when there are smokers. In the modern world, we suffer a lot of invisible attacks from electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, computers, cellular phones and televisions.

All of the harmful things referred to above form the basic of illness in all human beings, when combined with cooked food not containing the essential nutrients. The illnesses are already hidden in a body that periodically wants to cleanse itself from toxins. This cleansing is the illness itself because we have to suffer during the detoxication process. The bad sensations are due to the circulation of toxins in the blood. For example, we have a fever when there is a development of bacteria which remove the toxins and any other degenerate material from the body. It’s a serious mistake to blame the microbes when they are cleansing the body, because they never attack a healthy organism. We have to suffer for our sins against the laws of nature. If we repress this cleansing with other toxins (medicine), we keep the illness and add more toxins. We should never manipulate the cleansing of the body unless there is a risk of death. But if we want to stop the cleansing (detoxication) of our body, we can use natural toxins from plants or even brandy as well. So, we are never dependent on medicines.Of course the Pharma-Industrie is interested in maintaining the fatal microbe- or bacteria lie, which already caused incredible misery and pain on this planet and can nowadays even lead to total oppression and imprisonment by laws against epedemies (of animals or humans)which doesn’t exist or never be dangerous.

During the cleansing process (illness), we should only eat if we are hungry. It’s recommendable to eat a lot of vitamins, such as green salads and grated orange and lemon peel. Pineapples can be helpful too. During this process, we shouldn’t eat either big or complicated meals. Besides salads, we simply eat fruit, raw egg yolks, fresh cheese, sour milk and red wine. With this kind of food the body doesn’t need much energy for digestion, so the cleansing process is easier.

In cases of malnutrition, we use fresh or sour goat milk. If the digestive system is already too weak to assimilate other food, goats milk can still be digested. On the contrary, if we eat a large meal, we use wine or pineapple to aid digestion.

If we begin to live a natural life and eat natural food in a place without pollution, we start a long process of constant cleansing and regeneration of the body. All the stored toxins slowly leave the organism. During this journey, we not only have to suffer some physical illness but also our past problems and burdens come to the surface, before the organism eliminates them so that they never reappear. Thus, we gain mental and physical health.

A complete detoxication is not possible when there islead (toxin) or any other kind of fillings in the teeth. Our body should only possess our own living cells, without transplants. Fillings can contain very harmful and dangerous toxins and even worse is the fact that they are situated in the head. (Heavy) Metals have a destructive effect on our nervous system. Even fillings which are not metallic are unnatural, that means toxic and they block the cleansing and healing of that area of the brain and organism to which the tooth is linked. The removal of the fillings does not cause problems when we eat raw natural food. With that food and without fillings we won’t be dependent on dentists any more. In general, we mustn’t go to hospitals or doctors, be operated or receive chemical or radiation treatment, because all of these are against the laws of God and nature. Transplantation of organs or blood causes the worst mental and spiritual problems even for our eternal life beyond. – Leave Dr. Frankenstein’s cabinet alone!

When we live naturally, we won’t need a doctor!

Natural healing of infrastructure in cities and countryside

I have often heard the reproachful questions: What will happen if anybody lives like you? Can we all go back to our gardens? Is there enough space in this world? – In fact there is an enormous amount of abandoned, unused or misused land in almost every country in this world. Nowadays, nearly the whole population lives in cities in many nations!

In fact, the efficiency of small self-sufficient farming is much better than modern agriculture, especially if we include the input of energy and destruction of the environment, and – even more – if we consider the quality of the products. And quality is one of the most important points. With the present low-quality food we still wouldn’t really succeed, even if we ate it raw. Genetic destruction of seeds, radiation, herbicides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers,… all kinds of unnatural manipulation during the growth of the plants give us products which are sick, inadequate and toxic as well. – But don’t only be angry with your farmers! – If you had to supply food for 1000 people, you probably couldn’t do it in a better way. And most of the farmers are forced to do it in the same bad and toxic way by the big agricultural conglomerates. They are victims of the money diktat and have no choice.

The solution to most of this world’s problems is to grow food on indiviual small farms in the country or on bigger vegetable fields and fruit gardens in communities with many manual workers around every village or city. We should still use the traditional farming system to grow cereals and other staple foodstuffs if it’s done without chemicals.

On your own farm you are able to grow all vegetables and fruits without any toxins and keep some cattle for your own use without any medicine or vaccination, and without any “junkfood for animals”. This is what we should call all kinds of animal feed consisting of unnatural or cooked ingredients or additives.

When I wrote my first books, some of my readers told me that my system would destroy economy. – Well, my books are still not published and the economy is nevertheless collapsing worldwide. This economic system is leading to a final but certain collapse anyway!

“Never been wrong, Robertson”, one of the most famous fund managers and the former head of “Tiger Management” (once the largest hedge fund in the world) recently predicted this forthcoming economic collapse during an interview with Ron Insana:

“Utter global collapse, but not just economic collapse… collapse of epic proportions. Collapse and disintegration of all infrastructures, including government. Inflation will run into double and triple digits. Food production will fail. People will be carrying around U.S. dollars in wheelbarrows like in Germany. There will be total collapse of public infrastructure, total collapse of medical care systems. All public pension plans and social security will collapse…” Robertson ended the interview by saying that he hopes he is not alive to see this.

Natural life leads to independence

It is true that with a really natural lifestyle we wouldn’t need most of the things that are sold in the supermarkets, and we wouldn’t need the majority of all so-called professions in the modern world any more. Being forced to stand on our own feet, to live on our own land, we wouldn’t have any time and energy to waste for any useless, unproductive work. But with my proposed system there would be no collapse, no misery at all! – We are, unlike Robertson, able to survive the forthcoming breakdown and even look forward to a really better future, a golden age! – Unnatural systems can only be maintained by huge inputs of borrowed or stolen energy. The more unnatural they are, the more energy they waste and the closer they come to the point of collapse.

Can cities survive? – Actually, every city is considered to be unnatural if it is unable to produce its food from the surrounding area. So what is our plan for modern cities? Do we have to leave all of them and go back to the country, or is it possible to supply a city without slavery and exploitation of the countryside? – Well, I don’t think we could easily return to supplying huge modern cities in a totally natural way, that means also without any motorized transport. In many of the modern cities any harmonious infrastructure is so disorderly and complicated, artificial and far from life, that it might be easier to abandon and leave them. Of course it will be easier to renaturalize and establish self-sufficient systems in old or smaller cities or villages.

Some steps to renaturalize cities:

To make an urban area usable for natural farming we first have to decontaminate the whole city regarding the use of all chemicals, medicine and toxic goods. – This might be easier after the predicted collapse. – Without the collapse we can try to explain the truth to all the people, we can tell them that every unnatural component in their environment means an attack on their own organism, both on health and psyche. Every artificial or fire-treated thing is toxic, because it’s not natural any more. It makes no difference if it’s inhaled or eaten, or if it damages your body by emitting technical rays. – Not only screens of TVs, computers…, electrical kitchen appliances,cordless/cellular telephone stations, radar, any transmitter,… but even any artificial light from a simple bulb or neon strip light! They all cause irritation, lead us into an unreal world and cost us part of our daily energy. This culmination of all unnaturalness continually attacks our cells violently, irritates our psyche and leads to all the extensive aberrations, errors, spleens, mental and physical damage, decadence… we can encounter in the modern world.

The big chance: recycling of all waste water!

After the disconnection of destructive (kitchen) technology and the use of only natural products and food (no chemicals, no medicine, if possible no meat either) we will be able to recycle all the waste water of every household and use it – after a short fermentation time – directly for fertilizing and irrigating enormous gardens in the surrounding areas. With this water, which is nowadays still totally canalized, wasted and stolen from gardens, we can grow incredible paradise gardens inside and all around every city for both providing food and improving the climate. Recycling waste water would especially be a great solution for hot and dry countries that lack water or are even in danger of becoming deserts. – All the plants and trees in the gardens are depots/reservoirs of water, they are living beings that reduce heat, clean the air, give us oxygen and, last but not least, natural food.

Another chance: In regions with frost or other bad climates, cities can protect and cover wide areas with glassarchitecture, if nobody uses fire and combustion engines inside any more.

If they plant all the various species of the most nutritious plants and trees, and if they keep only a few cattle, cities can produce at least most of the food inside andin the near vicinity. Human fertilizer is the best of all, if the citizens eat naturally, that means raw food. It’s possible to raise the production of food inside of cities to a very high level if the climate and light can be improved by glassarchitecture, if every wall is used for climbing plants and trees, and if the most effective gardening techniques are applied. (Walled, stored, terraced temporary .. raised beds.)

Inside larger northern city areas we can gain ground for growing food by using every building we don’t really need for growing plants and keeping animals. Therefore we only have to remove the roofs and replace them with transparent ones. Even ordinary dwellinghouses can be changed into greenhouses in that way. – Did you ever live or sleep in a greenhouse? – Compared to the “normal” dwelling houses you’ll feel much better there. You’ll get much more light during winter and breathe much better air. Therefore transparent architecture of every style should be introduced everywhere. Even transparent tents, which can be blown up and held just by ventilators, are possible. When or where sunlight is not sufficient, citizens can use special lamps with a daylightspectrum.

Why don’t we live in a community with our nourishing plants? Why don’t we integrate useful animals where we live? – Because they are dirty or produce smells? You’d better forget all hygiene at once if you want to eat and live well!

Inside southern cities transparent roofs might be too hot during summer. There we can create lots of protected areas inside roofless buildings. If we take all the things which mustn’tbecome hot or get wet into one covered room, we can open the rest to nourishing plants and trees, which will soon build a natural roof..

All the plants and lots of animals inside the cities can be fertilized, watered and nourished by waste water and the leftovers from the inhabitants’ meals. Did you know that chickens even eat human excrements? – If their nutrition is natural, there is no reason why they shouldn’t! Chickens will appreciate all the leftovers from the meals described in this book. They like most of the vegetables, (potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, cabbage) if you just grate and mix them with bran. Withgreen produce (all plants and trees) you can feed some cattle too. Especially goats can easily be fed where lots of trees are growing and can even be kept insidedwelling houses if we build a special stable for them.

Inside such an ecological city, most of the people can be employed in agriculture and self-sufficient production. Every hill has to be terraced, every wall must be covered with plants, every roof should be one of a glasshouse or a roof garden. Cities will have to convert nearly all their buildings into greenhouses. So if you want to get some food, you can go into one of the many greenhouses or garden shops and pick your vegetables directly from a raised or even stored walled or temporary bed.

The more natural a city is and the fewer toxic/unnatural emissions afflict its inhabitants, the better will be their health and mood, and the smaller will also be the amount of food they need.

(More information and plans concerning natural agriculture, restoration and difficulties arising on this real way back to nature are to be found in my German books, as well as in “The P.I.System/Diet and Life/Part 2” already translated in English)

The replantation of the whole country of Portugal, which is mainly desert and burned out,

(or any other desert country) is possible too and would bring incredible advantages if it’s well done. Here is some advice:

Plant primarily those nourishing trees and plants which grow without or with little artificial watering. For example cacti, grapevines, oaks, peaches, figs, mulberries, almonds, olives… even some kinds of apples and pears are very resistant, too. Trees grown from seeds are more resistant than graftedfruit trees.

Take care of every tree and its crop. Dry all the fruits you don’t eat immediately in the shade. (If the sun is too hot!) All dried fruits will be important because we won’t use sugar any more,. Plant carobtrees and try to keep bees.

Plant fruit trees and cactus along every street and construct further lanes and avenues for non-motorized public life and traffic. If possible, keep both sides of every public avenue watered and green to prevent fires spreading.

Build small water reservoirs and dams all over the country. Just one rainy winter is then enough to replant large areas.

Continue by building terraces on every hill with a gentle slope to retain rainfall and increase your gardening area.

Start to plant only useful that means nourishing plants and trees in all public parks and areas. If an area seems to be too polluted, you can still plant washnut trees or any other plant for cosmetic or practical use.

Where there are trees that seem to be useless or of poor quality, try to find out a use of them. If you can’tfind one, check whether you can graft onanother quality.

Plant the new trees below the ones you want to replace and only cut the old ones down when the new ones need the space. With all these public plants you can produce a lot of free public food to avoid misery and poverty in your country.

Keep donkeys for transport wherever there are areas with a lot of dry and dangerousflammable material. They will eat it.

A small number of well-fed animals give more milk than a large number of hungry ones. Don’t let animals’ feet “eat” too much food. If they are confined within closed-in parts of your gardens and fed with all the plants you can cut daily outside and with the leftovers from your family’s raw meals, a small number (not more) of cattle improve your self-sufficient system and provide the basic subsistence for every family, especially during winter. After some time, take your animals to another piece of land and sow vegetables on the well-fertilized area. If necessary, till the land with your animals. You can use many wild areas for animals, too. Of course you’ll always need somebody to herdt the cattle when they are wandering around. Keep most of your animals mainly for milk and eggs, some for transport and labour, but not for producing meat any more.

Your diet should be based on all kinds of vegetables, fruits and nuts from trees, and some dairy products all of them natural, that means without any chemicals and eaten raw! Onlythis support can keep you in the best of health while both improving your environment and using a minimum of extraneous energy.

Never till your land without sowing suitable plants afterwards. Cultivate all tilled areas, even in summer, with drought-resistant plants. Always give priority to edible plants. Even if you can’t use them for your own meals, your animals or any passers-bywill like them. Very resistant species which also often grow without irrigation during summer are water melons, special sorts of squash and beans, Indian corn, and where the level of ground water is not too low even tomatoes.

Mixed cultures of plants can be more resistant and productive than monocultures.

If planted in time and with suitable partners, most of our vegetables won’t need too much water. Try to keep a permanent cover of suitable green plants throughout the year. If theres only cactus and watermelon, who is resistant enough for your area during summer, plant and use mainly them. (For your food and the feed of your animals)

Try to add all drought-resistant wild plants to your meals or at least to your animals’ feed. In winter grow vegetables that can withstand frost. Never fight against plants, let them seed themselves and try to use them for their intended purposes. Even grasses can be important, for example against erosion by wind or water.

Anybody who cuts any plant has to take it to the animals which can eat the foliage. Welcome all plants that are able to endure the heat and dryness of your summer. Every new species means an increase in the value and richness of your land and shut down all laws who want to prohibite the importation of foreign species!

Plant self-growing edible depots/stores of the most important plants everywherepossible. Here in Portugal you should cover at least all your rocky areas with the living water depot called figcactus (opuntia). Even its leaves give you a good meal, provide you and your animals with green food, fruits and fruitkernels (substitute for cereals) all throughthe summer (Donkeys and horses don’t eat them. So you can plant cacti even where you keep these animals).

Never burn dry grass, plants, trees or branches! – Ferment and compost them in your walled beds or use them for fencing. The easiest and best way to convert them into fertilizer is with the help of cattle. Particularly donkeys, but also mules or horses can even eat dry branches.

Try to avoid the use of any fire or burning process whatsoever! If we waste all our fossile energies by using cars, machines, central heating…, we pollute our environment and destroy the balance of the whole planet already by exploiting fossil energies. The use of fire has already reduced oxygen within our atmosphere to less than half of its former amount!

Never use chemicals, medicine or artificial fertilizers any more! You won’t need them when you live and eat naturally. They’re just toxins!

Fight bush-fires and burning forests with all your energy during summer. Send troops to extinguish them immediately. Making a fire means war against nature and therefore against all of us, against the welfare, health, happiness and supplies … of thousands of citizens.

Try to stop all technical radiators/transmitters. They all cause radiation damage! We would feel a thousand times better on this planet if they didn’t assault our bodies any more. Especially in southern areas the microwaves from wireless telecommunication systems don’t only damage us, our health and well-being, but also our animals and gardens. Where radiation burns down on us we can hardly raise animals, and some kinds of trees (e.g. walnuttrees) get their leaves burnt already when the temperature rises up to 40oC in the shade. In regions without microwaveradiation the same trees can stand up to 46oC and more without getting burnt.

Create schools, information centers; teach people as soon as possible about this natural way out of decadence, misery, illness and pain and the looming apocalypse.

Healing inside and outside

As already mentioned, the change of life and diet to a natural way would heal not only the environment, but also the bodies and even the psyche of the inhabitants of a city. By giving them just natural food, you could even heal criminals in a prison as well as sick people in hospitals or psychiatric institutions. It’s not easy to leave behind this so-called civilisation, but if we understand that the healing process is just based on detoxication (during mental and physical illness) and starts with living and eating naturally, we already have an idea of how it works. Consumer civilization is not very much more than a drug, a bad trip or dream. Citizens of the modern world are addicts, who have togo through their detoxication and withdrawal treatments. They have to suffer their “flashbacks” of all the unnatural sins they’ve committed and the wrong things they’ve eaten during their lives.

As you can probably already see now, my (ParadiseIsland) System would stop all unemployment and boredom and is not an enemy of the economy, but creates another kind of natural economic structure that is really based on a solid foundation and will give us independence from all unnatural products, labour, money or employment… It will create the real freedom of every man, woman and child which is promised in the Bible, where everybody will sit under their own fig tree drinking their own wine.

Natural Laws and Order


The most important moments in our lives are birth and death. If we disobey the laws of nature or manipulate these two natural processes, we can cause irreparable damage in our earthly and eternal life.


It’s better for the mother to have her baby on the farm because there she will have good food and the life which she is used to. Pregnancy is not an illness, but a natural process, so the mother mustn’t be afraid of it. Natural food and life are the best preparation for a birth without problems. Breastfeeding is not affected because the mother will have a lot of high-quality milk. As babies are very sensitive, they shouldn’t be given vaccines or any other kind of medicine. Vaccines have toxins which stay in the body for a long time, preventing it from cleansing itself. These toxins are very strong and dangerous, damaging part of children’s brains. They can also cause deficiencies. Toxins never cure illnesses; they only block the cleansing of the organism. People usually confuse an artificial cure with vaccines with the resulting suppression of the illness. The blocking of an illness can, finally, cause a serious or fatal, letal illness.


The process of transition to eternal life is even more important than birth. We can cause eternal damage if we manipulate the body during death. When the heart and the brain stop, the soul can take up to three days to leave the body. During this time, the soul gathers information from all the cells of the organism, so it remains intact in eternity, that means a spiritual copy of the body.If the body had operations or transplants, the soul will suffer eternally because it can’t build itself as a whole. Cremation is also bad if the body is burnt before this three-day process has beencompleted. In order to know if it has indeed finished, we just have to observe the corpse’s face. If it hasn’t got the same appearance and is obviously rotting, this means the process is concluded. We should never cremate or bury corpses that haven’t started to rot. We shouldn’t fear death, particularly if we have lived a natural life. It’s no use going to doctors or the hospital to prolong life, it only impairs eternity. Before dying, we shouldn’t take any drugs, have therapy, operations, transplants or blood transfusions. The families of those who die naturally and in good health, shouldn’t be sad or cry, but fill their hearts with happiness because their loved one just had a successful transition to the eternal world.

Marriage and family:

Dear women, don’t be angry if I say that there won’t be feminism in nature, when you obeyGod’s laws! There won’t be any women who want to be men and men who act like women, who have a lack of manliness and virility, who are childish or homosexual. With natural life and food grown on everybody’s own land, mankind will be able to return to solid families again. Every man who is able and willing to raise a family will need his wife and every woman will need her husband. And the children will need their parents because they’ll grow up on the land where they were born. And their parents will not send them away to cities and schools anymore, where they get totally spoilt for any natural work and lifestyle. They will learn all the really essential things for their lives on their farms. Reading and writing, some mathematics, all the history of ancient times from the parents, grandparents or the house’s own library. They will learn to play musical instruments and acquire knowledge of God and eternal life in the house of their father, too. It is a basic law of nature that every father’s house is considered to be a complete entity, where no one else has any right to interfere. The internal laws of any family and any tribal community are given by the spirit of the Lord.

If a family or tribe wants to succeed, the family– and especially the father – has to be obedient to the following laws of God and nature:

Any sexual intercourse with transfer of sperm means marriage

with all obligations of staying together with the chosen woman for a lifetime. Every couple has to settle down on their own land and live by own energies. Therefore “it” shouldn’t be done before a couple is ready, old enough, willing and able to care for themselves and their children. The only real reason for a divorce is sexual intercourse with another

Note: Any man who is not willing to raise a family and work for wife and children, who just tries to seduce a woman, is betraying this woman and will bring misfortune upon both himself and his chosen wife. Seducing women and abandoning them afterwards is one of the worst crimes men can commit on earth. Of course, the woman has to behave well too. If she struggles and fights against her husband, if she just wants the opposite to what he wants, if she doesn’t want to live naturally and doesn’t follow the laws of God and nature at all, her husband wants to get rid of her, too. But then alone, if she is determined to enforce her will, she can cause such chaos and damage, she can give such a bad example, seduce many other men and women, destroy families and damage her husband’s reputation to such an extent that it’s better if she is totally banned. Our forefathers, the Teutons didn’t divorce and get condemned to pay alimony because of feminist laws, they just killed such a woman and in some regions they sold her.

man. From that point of no return she has to be the wife of the next man. Changing men causes serious damage to a woman’s psyche and genetic purity. The first man who penetrates her transfers his genetic code to the woman’s body and blood and she becomes his wife. From that moment on, she’s genetically separated from her father and his family.

If she doesn’t stay with her first lover,

the next genetic code transferred by another men’s sperm cannot eliminate the one from her first lover. The subsequent genetic mixture will cause a schizoid mental situation. She will not know whose woman she is. After several changes her heart gets cold, she often feels hatred of all men, starts to become selfish and fights against them. Within some years, she’ll be the typical modern type of “liberated” woman who is totally selfish and cannot be trusted any more. Her children very often won’t be recognized by their father as his own soul and blood because they can still have the habits and appearance of a former lover, particularly the first one. If she still has children from her first husband, the genetic influence of a second or third one will turn her body and soul away from the souls and hearts of her children so that she becomes a kind of a stepmother to her own children. This is one of several reasons why it’s the law of nature that every child has to stay in their father’s house, and that the woman is never allowed to be with other men and even take away the father’s children! A child’s soul is always from their father(s)! Their body or appearance, even their habits can seem to be inherited from their mother. But in fact this inheritance is, spiritually regarded, not very much more than a heritage of ancient spirits, demons … based on possession. (Genetic mixture often creates children who seem closer to their mother and who don’t want to set up their own families and stay with their partners later on either.)

Only the woman alone (without children) is able to leave her husband and his family by joining another one. But she really shouldn’t do that if possible! At least not when her children are very young. (under two years old) Because she won’t be a real wife for her new husband when he finds out that she has already been another man’s wife. If we observe all natural laws strictly, it would even be forbidden for him to take her. That’s why some of our forefathers never left those women alive. They wanted to avoid the never- ending results of the breachof these fundamental laws of genetic purity.

Among the populations of the 19th century in central Europe, all “illegitimate” children become servants, workers, farm hands or soldiers. Maybe you think that this was discrimination. But it was a fact that they wouldn’t have been able to manage their own farm properly. Today, especially young couples who don’t want to be bound for a lifetime have the possibility of using contraceptives. If they use any method that doesn’t let any sperm enter the woman, there won’t be responsibility after sexual contact. The responsibility starts and the marriage is made only when sperm enters a woman! And even adultery is only committed bio-genetically when a rival’s sperm really enters a married woman. – Of course her husband will be mistrustful. Even when condoms are used, her genetic entity can hardly considered to be shure any more.

Note: Use only natural methods to avoid pregnancy. Certain plants that create infertility, such aswild yam roots should be preferred. A simple natural method is contraception with salad oil. Use at least one tablespoon of the best natural pressed oil (walnut, olive, herb oil) and put it deep inside the woman’s vagina immediately before or during intercourse. You could use a funnel made of a calabashfor this. Massage the emerging liquid all over the woman’s skin to give nourishment and beauty.

Under natural circumstances it’s not normally possible to live alone.

Not for women, not for children, very often not even for the majority of the population. So the most experienced and hardest tried men have to take the responsibility not only for their own family, but also for a number of male and female helpers or servants on their farms. Nobody should think that this is slavery. We got slavery with the machines of this modern world!Our ancestors weren’t oppressed, intoxicated, flayed and exploited the way people are nowadays. There is no stress in nature! – Those farmhands could not marry, but they had the very best food and could work and live naturally. Some of them had illegitimate relationships. But even if they didn’t, the absence of women/men in their lives gave them more freedom and caused fewer problems. They were never alone and lived in the farmcommunity, participating in all the surrounding familylife as well. – With that ancient system only the most capable were allowed to bear children. And even if they had a lot of children there was no increase in the population, because they started their families late, and all the farmhands and even some aunts, uncles, sisters or brothers stayed on the same farm and didn’t marry at all.

Can genetic defects be remedied?

When I saw the effect of cellregeneration through natural food and life, I thought that it might be possible to also regenerate the mentioned female genetic mix-up (because of a promiscuous lifestyle) within a period of seven years. I have already generated five children with such a “second-hand” woman, but still cannot say for sure that it works like that. I can say that all my naturally born and nurtured daughters have become lovely and are even lovelier the younger they are, but the only son born after seven years doesn’t really seem to carry my soul. Maybe I still don’t know him, maybe the bad environmental situation in Portugal in recent years has prevented regeneration. It is remarkable that all the children born to this woman and myself who live and eat naturally are blond-haired and blue-eyed, even though we have brown hair and their mother’s eyes eyes aren’t blue. I think this might be a sign of genetic healing through natural life and food too. Their hair darkened as soon as stress that means unnatural influences (fire, smoke, so-called chemicals, bad food, technical radiation…) entered from outside. I even suppose that mulattos or black people would slowly turn white(r) after generationsof eating raw food (without meat!) and living naturally.

Don’t compare me with Hitler and the racism of the Thule-Society, because what I have tried to

Note: I don’t recommend marriages with ethnic foreigners, because they can create problems too. But these more likely result from inner differences. It might be more difficult to adapt and really understand her husband for a woman from another land with other ethnic roots and traditions. Because she has to follow her husband to his place and land (tribal law), she can feel strange there. Probably she will loose her language and all her relatives, too. But this wouldn’t really be tragic if her husband lives and eats naturally. Women never feel bad in paradise. And every woman who lives naturally is able to learn and change. Her daily rate of new cells (“cell renewal”) allows her to change and learn perpetually. – In fact we should stress the importance of avoiding promiscuous relationships with transfer of sperm.

explain has nothing to do with “cleansing” a people by eliminating or discriminating against other races. I just want to show a way to physical, mental and even genetic health for every ethnic group for the whole world! And if I wanted to classify people, those living in the cities of this modern world would be in the lowest position, because they are further away from nature and life than anybody else. Whereas. black people, for example, living close to nature in the jungle of dark Africa could occupy a very high position.

But let’s finish and never resume those stupid discussions about the value of human beings. With this recommended way of life, everybody who really follows it will become “noble”! And the best of all is that there won’t be any reason for envy, because anybody can have the same quality of food and lifestyle in their own garden, with their own work! – Even a king should grow his own vegetables! Why not? – He wants to communicate with the Lord, too, by eating His body (natural food) and drinking His blood (natural drinks/wine)!

The proof of the seven-year regeneration cycle

If I’m able to continue my life on a pure island without pollution and radiation from technology maybe the proof of the seven-year cycle of total regeneration can still be provided. Those things cannot be tested by modern scientists, because they don’t know what natural life is. Their science is still torturing and killing, because they don’t know the laws of God and nature and are far away from respecting life. For us it is sufficient just to live naturally and see what happens as a result. I suppose that we can establish families in the countryside with the genetic one-line children. The other ones will be farmhands or tend towards communitylife and ecological cities.

As long as consumercivilisation exists, we can still send back everybody who doesn’t want to live naturally. So we still have all the possibilities for every kind of personality – even the most unnatural one on our planet. As long as the old society exists, we won’t need any prisons or punishment, because this modern world is already the perfect prison and punishment. Nobody escapes from there!

What is a tribe?

We know a family arises when one father generates children with one or more wives. Even if there are more people working on his farm, only one is allowed to generate children. If there were more men in sexual relationships with women in the same place, it wouldn’t be a tribe any more; we would have to call it a community. Since the times of the hippies, communities may be modern, but so-called democratic communities never worked well and usually broke down with lots of anger and problems. The few communities that existed over a long period suffered perpetual change and wastage, especially of young women.

Our Western governments want(ed) to destroy all family structures.

Feminism was never an invention of women, but of politicians who want(ed) to divide, isolate, exploit and oppress citizens, make them stupid and decadent, force them on to a strict unnatural path (to hell). They destroy(ed) families and homelands, tribes and traditions to create a powerless and dumb mass of isolated working slaves, who wanted or were even addicted to all the useless rubbish they produced. I remember when they started to proclaim “sexual liberty” and fought against laws that protected unborn children. Recently they have demanded equal rights of marriage for homosexuals. They have also fought against “racism”. They have made us believe that we should all give up our country and nationality and intermingle, and that there is no problem in giving our women and daughters to black people or Islamists.

This fight against closed, united families, strong tribes and ethnic entities is very old. During the 4th century, the Romans started to divide the Germanic tribes by prohibiting “incest” (the marriage between brothers and sisters), which was normal among them and led to strong, closed and united families. Nowadays nearly everybody believes that “inbreeding” causes idiots and degeneration. But the opposite is the truth. Intermingling causes degeneration! Not in the first generation, where the so-called hybrideffect seems to produce beautiful people, but from the second on, if a new tribe doesn’t live and eat naturally and keep the tribal laws. Generations of inbreeding are necessary to establish and stabilize a new mixture of different ethnic groups and create a new homogeneous ethnic unit.

It’s very strange that nowadays people have forgotten all the genetic laws of nature. They seem to remember them only when they breed cattle or noble horses.. – What is or was nobility? Who were the noble-blooded? – All over Europe we had the same very few “inbreeding” families for centuries! Why culdn’t Mary Stuartbe Queen and had to die? – Because she had already had another lover! For that reason she lost her noble blood! Or let us talk about the Pharaos of ancient Egypt. For them it was the law and theirt duty to stay within their own families! The Pharaoh even had to marry his own daughter! Did they keep those laws because incest causes decadence?

The Communist dream is an illusion!

Don’t think it might be fun to have many kinds of different people living and working together at the same place! – The Communist dream doesn’t work! There won’t be harmony and understanding! The different people will separate, protest, quarrel and create stress, being unable to do any continuous labour even to provide for themselves.

A hundred years ago in the Alps of Austria or Switzerland there were still lots of totally closed self-sufficient villages, where you could find only three or fewer family names. They never married anybody from outside for many generations. And in those very places we could found the most industrious, capable, friendly, respectful and peaceful societies living in the greatest harmony! If we breed cattle or horses, we all know that “incest” doesn’t create idiots. We keep a flock of goats and often don’t even want other goats from outside, because they could destroy the entity of the flock. If we have bred a good he-goat, we let him lead the flock as long as possible. It is known that incest up to three generations has uniting, improving, harmonising effects. Afterwards, those advantages can diminish, because then generations can get too sensitive and too “special”.

We know about the prohibitions of incest for mankind in the Bible and our feeling says that it shouldn’t happen. I think there shouldn’ be at all marriage between mother and son. The relation between father and daughter still should be avoided if possible. But if a sister would like to stay with her brother, it shouldn’t be forbidden. Let’s imagine how natural people would manage if they didn’t know anything about written laws: Sexuality has a different meaning among people who live and eat naturally. Because it’s only the act of sexual intercourse which allows a man to adapt, to integrate (the body and soul of) a foreign woman into his family or tribe. Only in that way can she become the real wife of a man and a real member of a new family or tribe. But there is no need of adaption/integration among brothers and sisters or parents and children. They are already the same family, with the same blood and feeling. So there won’t be the need of any sexual relations between them. That’s why they normally just don’t happen among them! That means that even if such a brother and sister couple stayed together for a lifetime, thereprobably wouldn’t be any sexual contact between them.

Still a certain need of adaption/integrationand therefore a higher probability of sexual contact and attraction can appear within a family, when the chosen woman and her children were/are already genetically mixed, that means genetically influenced by previous lovers. The husband of such a “second-hand” woman needs at least seven years of constant sexual intercourse before he can really consider her to be his wife. – Constant means about twice a week, because spermatozoa can stay alive inside a woman for several days. The probability of all varieties of incestexists in those families. And I think it shouldn’t be prosecuted as a crime.

Attention: I write about all these things because I want to show the truth of natural laws. But I want to point out explicity as well that we don’t have any incestuous relationships inour family!

A real heavy crime is seducing women and leaving them afterwards! If we understand the meaning of genetic influence, we can see, that any woman who already had another lover before already cannot be considered to become a real wife of her later husband any more, unless she didn’t pass the 7-years cell-renewal-process by living and eating natural! Because the genetic influence of a former lover won’t disappear all her life (under unnatural circumstances), the rival and therefore adultury will stay present in that woman’s psyche, blood and genetic disposition.

The Age of Fools

Already when I wrote my first book titled “The Age of Fools”, I proved that almost everything in our modern society is wrong. Very often wrong and right are reversed. – I noticed that “they” attacked almost the entire moral code of the Catholic church. Because they wanted to make them appear ridiculous, those morals might be reasonable and correct. – They were correct, as I was able to prove later on! But there was one exception: – the incest prohibition! That was suspect! Why did they permit adultery, sodomy and every possible perversion, but kept that prohibition, even making a dogma or taboo out of it? – And I argued that this law might be wrong, that it was created or supported by those “Internazionalists” who wanted to destroy the unity of families, tribes and nations in order to oppress and degrade/degenerate people.

Anyway, incest, new/foreign blood, or whatever:In nature nobody has the right to interfere in any familymatter. What we encounter among animals can be considered to be natural, in line with the laws of nature and might be a system that can be used at least by a few human beings as well.

Note: Human beings should reach a higher, a human position. Animals are just natural, not good and not bad, not in heaven and not in hell. Nowadays some species adopted very nasty and unnatural habits too, because they have got in contact with human civilisation (toxins, junk food, prisons, radiation…). So we can encounter habits, such as homosexuality, crime and even feminism, among animals that they didn’t have fifty years ago. Animals who eat meat are killers! Human beings who eat meat….

We don’t have the right to condemn anybody else but ourselves! – And the world should remember that almost every famous ancient nation started with incestuous relationships. Some had a brother and a sister at the beginning; others were started by one strong man who was able to have several wives. All those tribes have never let in foreign men because a man can never be adapted. His Y-chromosomes will conquer, spread and split up the tribe if he generates children. Some sons of some tribes took foreign women, who can generally be adapted, geneticallyintegrated, because they are able to be given a “genetic stamp”, the Y-chromosome from their husbands.

So if we want to get back what the modern world has stolen from us – that is our national and ethnic identity, our origin and homeland, our very own culture and development we have to go back to the country, keep the tribal laws and raise our families, wherever we live on this planet. If we want to keep both peace and understanding for every tribe or ethnic group and all the differences in this world, we should all live naturally, eat raw food and avoid eating any meat. That’s what I want to make possible with this booklet and all the many volumes of the “Paradise Island System”, written in German language.

Natural government for a golden age

The further a society lives away from the laws of God and nature, the more rigid and strong a government have to be if they want to maintain a sufficient degree of order for the survival of their people.

The more decadent a society becomes, the bigger will be the share of robbed or stolen energies (machines, slaves)people need to continuetheir abundant lifestyle.

The big cities of the modern world can be compared with cancer or parasites on our global organism. And it is to be feared that they would rather kill that organism than make up their minds to change. Therefore the predicted tragic end of those “cities of Babylon” through another World War or the apocalypse might have to come to pass. They have gone much too far and the way back seems to be impossible for the coddled citizens, who would need ages until they would be able to stand on their own ground and live self-sufficiently again.

Of course, we still could try to change something for the better by improving their food and detoxicating and renaturalizing their cities. But the present governments are still doing the opposite. They are clearly blocking the way back to nature, fighting an invisible war against people and trying to kill both the planet and its citizens! You ask why? – Maybe you already know the answer: because on that way back to nature they’ll lose power over their slaves. And they would lose their main means of maintaining their worldwide control – money. Natural life means decentralization, the end of bureaucratization and paper or digital war, the end of total control and domination with the help of computers. And it means the end of invisible backgroundgovernors, who are the real leaders of this world because they own and control both money and economy. A natural kind of government would never be based on taxes, paper money and interests. They could even abolish the money system and do without any money if their people were mature enough. And a natural government of a whole nation would not be based on Communism or be a democracy: it would be a monarchy. Only a king and queen, God’s own chosen and enthroned couple could really lead their nation and free this world from the oppression of invisible forces and their money-system.

In all the natural rebuilt cities and villages the kings would support every autonomous structure and restore all necessary rights of self-organization. (On all the farms in the country it would be the farmer who would maintain natural law and order). Like in the old German “thing”, there would be a meeting of all honest men to decide about the necessities.

Even the right to punish should be limited to the “thing” meetings. But if a family or village wants to get rid of an unbearable person, this person shouldn’t be imprisoned, injured or even killed anymore, but maybe outlawed and taken to a place where other criminals/sinners of the same type must live and work together with their crimes.

Note: We still have enough of those places back in so-called civilization. In the future there could be closed areas or islands, where those unbearable criminals, sinners, lazybones… could work on their own farms as well.

Every responsibility is givenback to the individual in a natural rural society. There is no need of insurances or written contracts and no doctor who claims to be responsible for someone’s health anymore. If somebody gets ill or has toothache, he has to stop eating rubbish or/and inhaling toxins. Contracts will be made by a handshake. And elderly people have to be cared for by their families.

Some suggestions for laws to maintain natural order and justice:

The king/government has to introduce laws not to suppress, but to keep his subjects free. A very important requirement is that everybody can work on their land and harvest what they have sown. A warning example comes from Angola. This West African nation has some of the best conditions for self-sufficient agriculture on this planet. But today almost the whole population lives in cities, because in the country they get robbed and even killed by military groups or just bandits as soon as the harvest begins. This country needs a specially designed code of conduct and special laws to go back to nature, too.

Of course, I cannot, nor do I want to write a complete code for everybody and every situation in this small book. Natural justice can’t be written down anyway. Real justice and order must be created within every new situation by wise men, who know and feel the difference between right and wrong, the good and the bad. – But I can give a few ideas and rules, which can be helpful in combating our personal sins or mitigating a total breakdown of any order in the future. Some of the following points might be helpful for Angola too:

Return of personal rights: Vedan laws know three kinds of enemies that everybody can kill immediately without trial when caught in flagranti. Arsonists, those who carry out attacks with deadly weapons and rapists or seducers of women. Every farmer must have absolute rights on his own farm. There he can carry and use all kinds of weapons, if someone intrudes and disturbs the peace of his home and land. If he tells the intruder to leave and the latter doesn’t obey, he can use his weapons too. Any armed intruder can be considered an enemy.

Outlawed criminals: If possible, government forces and citizens/civil guards have to clear the country of all unbearable criminals. Every criminal can be tattooed on a visible part of his body with the special sign or symbol of his crime. If nobody wants to keep him as a farmhand anymore, he must be outlawed. The governors won’t punish them any more severely than with deportation to a closed area of land (an island) without any law and order, where similar kinds of outlawed criminals have to live self-sufficiently among themselves.

Note: Nowadays it would still be much easier to isolate the very few good people, because in many regions there are too many bad people and criminals. If we have more than 99.9% ofthe population violating the laws of God and nature, we can easily single out those very few, take them to a natural area and close it off from the rest of the world. – If only onefamily or tribe living naturally is able to stay clean and obedient to the laws, they can avoid the total destruction of this planet (God’s and nature’s law).

Protection of women: We should distinguish different classes and lifestyles in order to give protection to pure and natural women. Women who live naturally, who are still virgins or wives of their first husband must become untouchable and protected against any seducer, rapist or unfaithful groom. I suggest every woman should wear a wooden amulet where her familysymbol, name and degree of pureness/marriage are engraved. Secret information might be engraved on the back. With this amulet she can give preliminary information and warn any man who might be interested in her. If a woman has already started a promiscuous life and wants to continue it, or if a woman only wants sexual contact without the transfer of sperm, this can be shown as well by special engraved symbols hidden on the back, which explain her situation/wishes to man who approaches her. In this way he might be informed that a certain sexual relationship with or without responsibility can be possible with her. There can only be sexual relations without lifetimeresponsibility if there is definitely no transfer of any sperm to a woman’s vagina. At least a man should always try to make her his wife and stay with her after having intercourse, even if she is a prostitute. Of course it would be better for him to check her out before rather than after having intercourse! Every woman should make a careful choice, too, and stay with her chosen man. There should never be any real intercourse without the firm intention of staying together for a lifetime (there should also already be the possibility of living naturally on the couple’s own land). Even if promiscuous women (and their “lovers”) can avoid pregnancy, the damage stays in the woman’s body, consciousness and mind.If we know and understand that all sins or crimes against the laws of God and nature have an effect on our environment, too, we won’t want to live among any kind of sinners anymore. There is an exact correlation between nature and humans. For example, hidden, prohibited sexual urges relate to fire or hidden, concealed fire (volcanism). And real fire can break out even when only the wish exists. If mankind is good, there will be paradise, because everybody will create paradises; if not, humans create some kind of hell and attract misfortune or even catastrophes. If the summit of mankind becomes evil, they will attract, create and deserve the global apocalypse.

Some examples of laws to survive “civilization”: 1. There is no right to patent any invention. Every inventor received his invention through the holy spririt of the Lord and gives it to all men. 2. It’s absolutely ridiculous and criminal if the dealers of this world are already trying to patent plants, living beings or even water. 3. Any genetic manipulation is forbidden. 4. Any manipulation of seeds which means that a plant cannot be sown again is forbidden and criminal. 5. Any intoxication with any artificial, unnatural material especially of food, wine, water and the atmosphere is forbidden and a serious crime. 6. It is forbidden to sell destroyed, dead food (any food treated by fire, radiation, freezing…) 7. It is forbidden to feed animals with intoxicated, unnatural, dead… food or use toxic medicine and vaccines to suppress the illness of the intoxicated animal. 8. It is strictly forbidden to set up any more panics and paranoia against any bacteria, virus, microbe… in order to oppress and imprison humans and animals and to sell and apply toxic or even deadly medicaments, vaccins, treatments… through special laws “against” epedemies. 8. Self supplying agriculture, natural farming on their own land has to be subventioned, made possible for anybody who wants it. 9. It is forbidden to use techniques which cause damage to people other than the user.

Note: The disadvantages of nearly all modern technology are much greater than its advantages. So we should all try to avoid the use of everything which isn’t really essential and necessary. We should also put an end to all useless work in order to have enough time for everybody to establish/cultivate their own gardens and keep cattle.

Some laws concerning government and finances: 1. Every nation can only be governed by its own governors of the same nationality and religion. 2. It is highly criminal to finance governments and their members in order to make them obedient to foreign interests. 3. For any member of a government it is considered to be high treasure, if he or she belongs to any secret society or if she/he is obedient to another nations or private interests. 4. As long as money is still used, (the leader of) every nation has its own currency, the only right, to print money, to control it and to set up taxes or money interests. To prevent the misuse of money by the governement, there will be the need of an independant national banking-system too. 5. It is forbidden to sell any national property to foreigners. Any important industry, especially media/tele-communication, pharmacy/health, energy, agriculture, food, water must never be privatisized any more. 6. For a nation and her government it is forbidden to borough foreign money and to make debts. 7. Any actual debt has to be remitted within a period of seven years, if the debtor is unable to pay his duties. 8. It is considered to be criminal, to interfere, to make dependant, to manipulate, rule, oppress nations and their leaders with money, violence, terrorism, by setting up revolutions or wars. (Always try to find out the intriguer, traitor, initiator, usufructuary… those who agressed, started, financed, armed… any violent situation and bring them all onto a claimed battlefield, where they can fight and kill each others.) 9. None of the citizens all over the world want a worldwide communist government, ruled by the international bankers. Any nationalgovernment has to be restricted on their real duties of only maintaining law and order for everybodies freedom from slavery and oppression. 10. Everybodies private property, his house, his family, his land, where he can grow enough food and keep cattle for his own supply, are untouchable. Noone has there any right to interfere, to set up any taxes or duties. (like compulsary education or military service, compulsory medical treatments, land taxes, generally any prescription or burocratic obstacle)