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P.I.System/ naturally living families, tribes and communities

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Paradise-Island-System/ Naturally living families, tribes and communities

Author/founder:  Reinhold Schweikert


Attention: The following translation is not perfect. We still didn’t find a better translater. If you can improve the text, we are grateful.

Naturally living  people – natural products – natural services and qualities

Eating and living naturally

(Dear reader, we are very grateful, if somebody can write the following text in a better current English and send it back to us! )

Eating and living naturally brings health and happiness, freedom and justice, faith and religion by keepng the laws of God and nature. Clean communities want to do their part of curing the planet, creating the new era called “golden age”, returning to a lifestyle in paradise gardens.


Only truly naturally living people are able to produce real natural food. There is so much intoxication on this planet! That’s why we urgently have to clean up both us and our environment, if we want to survive with a good health and a true soul in a free society.

There are so many communities doing all the same popular modernized practices like yoga, tai chi, reiki, …. lefthand politics, marxism, communism, anarchism,…free sex, feminism, gay and lesbian,…. Most of them are still having those ideas of peace and sharing a free world without money and work… And so many of theese communities failed, challenged without really knowing the reasons. It seems that theese reasons are often personal matters. Somebody likes this and dislikes that, different people have different opinions, people struggle, fight against each others, … Very often the realisation of someones dreams even led to violence, to despotism, supression,… That’s why most of the people in theese movements don’t want to accept leaders any more, and the modern public systems regard “new movements”, “Gurus” and alternatives generally as beeing dangerous. – Leaders or not, what was founded in the last few decades was never something real new and good, because still none of them succeeded in living and eating really independent and natural, by following the laws of God and nature.

Some few communities at least tried to go back to nature, because they saw, that beeing dependent to the consume-system means a kind of evergrowing slavery. They wanted to escape, to flee, but their knowledge of an own independent life in nature was far away from keeping them alive there. A couple of them could reach some southern regions of Europe or even South America and stay there for a few years, if they took enough money on their way or got help from their homeland. But in the end they were dragged down and had to go back to their homeland or died in poorness and isolation.

So, why are we still trying to go this way “back to nature”, away from civilisation? Do we now have more knowledge and abilities, or a never ending source of money? – It happens that we’ve found some ways which hadn’t been gone in the last few decades or even since a long, long time ago! – Keeping the laws of God and nature, living and eating naturally was the lifestyle of mankind in paradise! – But what is paradise and who knows theese laws? – If you want to know them you have to keep them! – Without keeping them you will never understand or even be able to accept them. To find, to go this way back to God and nature is a process, which is far from beeing easy for the modern people of this world. Already Moses needed fourty years for his way out of “Egypt” (civilisation) and lots of his people failed on the way.

In the meantime, we already went our way back to paradise since more than 25 years! We could learn a lot. And for us, this way has become the only acceptable, the only good, happy and satisfying way. So we’ll go on! – If you ever want to know something about it, you can try to join us! Make a visit and get the feeling! Take your part inside a naturally living family or community, where people can live in peace and joy, because they were able to turn their back to all the bad habits of their pasture.  Let us change, let us move!

See you soon, yours, Rey

Some of our rules:

1.) We eat raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk from selfkept animals, eggs from own chicken, honey from our bees…

2.) We accept only those kinds of preparations and combinations which don´t destroy the living cells of our food. That is why we never use fire /heat, electric machines /mixer, blender, centrifuge…) frost for preparing food!.

We accept any kind of fermentation (lactoacid fermentation, alkohol fermentation, vinegar fermentation, salt conservation…)

If we dry some food it mustn´t be heated up for more than 40°C. That´s why we cannot use direct sun for drying fruits in summer.

We accept any manual grater or kitchen machines like mills, mortars,…

We accept presses if the product won´t be heated up too much.

3.) We don´t want any chemicals or anorganic material in our food or on/in our body. That´s why we don´t allow the use of cosmetics (tooth paste, shampoos, detergents, perfumes…) except those we produce ourselves. They must be as natural /raw as our food! What we cannot eat is not allowed for our body too! / You eat with your skin too.)

What we allow: Any natural oil, the juices of vegetables and fruits, all kind of natural creams (made with apiculture products, eggs, dairy products…)

We can use vinegar/lemonjuice for washing dishes, indian washnut for cloth, unperfumed soaps for washing up clothes in the river – without spoiling the water. -We can use any plant or mineral out of nature for its own purpose.

4.) We live and sleep naturally. That means: We sleep outside in the open air if possible. (Inside you inbreath your own exhaust!) We don´t use fire (except when it is very cold) and we don´t inhalate any smokes! – Of course we don´t use any other drug. We don´t use medicaments, any cooked food or drink, and stay outside of polluted areas (cities, closed rooms, …) if possible

We sleep and keep silence during the night and work during the day. The only „therapy“ we accept and use is natural food and life.

5.) We respect and protect the purity of women:

-We never try to seduce a woman or run after her. It always must be her joice to whom she wants to go, with whom she wants to speek, work or sleep.

-In order to maintain the purity and freedom of young women, we try to keep the following rules:

a) women until 20 years: We don´t do sex with them (a kiss is enough)

b) women until 27 years: We can do any sex but we should avoid penetration.

c) women until 34 years: We do penetration, but we try not to ejaculate inside. (with this the woman stays still free, without babies, without real responsability, without being really the wife of a man.

d) from 34 years on we can ejaculate inside, but then we must know, that the chosen woman is our woman and should be kept a lifetime!

Couples who are really connected by the transfer of sperms have to be considered as married. It is never allowed to take a married woman of another man. (Transfer of sperm = biological marriage!) As same as well those women should never  sleep beside someone else than her man or children. – New families should run their own farms and places..


Untouchable for external persons are the female members of the Paradise-Island-Family too. As soon as a woman wears a wooden heart (as an amulett) she hows that she belongs to our tribe and doesn´t want to be bothered by anybody from outside, who can bring her off of her way to paradise or the P.I.System-Projects. Please regard our work and projects as really serious and important matters.-More important than most of any other thing on this world!

6.) Everybody is responsable for his own life and for everything he destroys or hurts. The community can never take any responsability for a single person on the land. (If there are accidents, illness, or even death, … it´s only the person itself, who decides what he/she wants to do or not! We don´t make any insurances for the people here, so everybody has to look after his own supply/money, if he wants to use a hospital /doctor… in case of emergency.


Of course we know that common treatments by the so called health system can bring us far away from health, God and nature. That´s why we avoid any doctor or hospital as same as dentists whereever possible. -It is neither the doctor nor a medicament who cures! -It is always yourself and your natural life and food who can really cure you. -So there shouldn´t be a reason to use the old system. – All our Paradise Islands are real healing centers where you can get rid of your deseases, if you hold the rules and take your time. – We grow and use a long variety of herbs and special plants, keep natural animals, prepare certain fermentations… in order to offer anything your body needs. And -last not least, you will meet really lovely and heartful people in our places, where you can start to love and live again, where „music’s in the air.“

7.) We keep the rules of God too, mainly

-We live peaceful, we never beat or hurt somebody.

-We don´t supress or force, we are not violent

-We don´t steel or lie

-We don´t kill, also not ourselves by eating killed animals. (meat, fish)

-We don´t practice any rituals or antichristian religions. (no magical practices, no satanism, no shamanism,…


We do.nothing that is bad or just useless. We have to use each hour of the day for useful things. There shouldn´t be any hanging around or eternal discussion! If you are tired have a nap. If not, stand up and do something useful for you and others. – Don´t waste your time for meditation, yoga and other practices from the eastern world and don´t take too much time for looking at screens! (TV, computer, Video,…) If we don´t really do all the necessary practical work with all our love, we will never get free in our Garden-Paradises.

8.) We keep and rise our traditions:

Like  music, handcrafts, all the forgotten arts and traditions we need for an independent life. – Every body should try and practise /learn some handcrafts, arts, and musical instruments. Don´t be lazy!

9.) Money /Organisation: We share the money we need on the place. Clean Communities are subprojects of the Paradise Island System. You can become a member of a Paradise Island Club and get more places for you opened, if you lived in clean communities for some time. We start with a part of 100 Euros weekly per person. (Some of us might bring more, others less money.) If this is not enough, the sum can be raised. The connection with the P.I.System and our other farms will supply the community perfectly with the best goods from other farms, with self made food and drinks, … The founder of the P.I.System, the other P.I.System-Farms and the organizer of „Clean Communities“ has the right/duty to send people away if they don´t keep the rules or if the majority of the community don´t want them there.

The owners of a land have to sign a contract with the organizer (Rey) to give him the rights over the use of his land and the part of money he can get from the community.


If the income of a community is more than what she needs, the money will be invested in other P.I.System-Farms (selfsupplying agricultural systems who will be opened to the members as soon as they are able to live there.)

Each member of a clean community should produce something or offer some services to get an income. If not enough services and goods can be produced or sold /offered at the place, it might be necessary to offer or sell them in other P.I.Farms or just somewhere outside. Certain products can be offered on markets, meetings, festivals… services or art /music to anybody who wants them…)

Each community should develop an own market /shop on the ground where everybody can get what he/she wants. Each product and service has to be offered firstly to the members of the P.I.-Communities and members of the P.I.F., secondly for P.I. Club-Members and Visitors, and only at last to external people. (neighbours, next village, on meetings…)

10.) The P.I.System will be applied for /on all plans and developments to install a selfsupplying farmsystem for natural living & eating people. The works on the farms are coordinated and supervised by P.I.System-trained members of the P.I.F.R.S. All interested people can be educated in our eco-school/Portugal to get the system too. The founder has written more than 30 books about any subject of those matters. The majority is still in German and should be translated in more languages.

Some more details /customs / rules:

a) Birth

We don´t use any doctor or prenatal treatments/examinations by rayons, ultrawaves,… The birth happens at home/in nature… with the only presence and help of the father, who has been tought about the most important things. If the child is able to survive, the parents have to make the advertisments of getting documents & passports for the child, if they live in modern states.

b) Education

Our children should stay in our paradise-gardens and be tought there too. The P.I.System is a kind of a lifelong school, where everybody can develop his abilities and favorite matters. In the right moment the parents or community members take care for bringing special people to teach special handcrafts, arts, languages. The children also learn by travelling to other P.I.System Farms in other countries, or even take part in pioneering for new P.Islands. -It is not possible to send our children into ordinary schools without hurting them extremely there, because those schools use antinatural methods, lifestyles, food, … and lead to civilization /hell,…Into that system we never want to return again! Most of what the children learn they learn practically, by doing, in the moment they use, practise, produce… something. The main matters are natural agriculture, householding, keeping cattle, doing gardens,…Important too are music and religion, old handcrafts and arts, the knowledge of all the plants and their purpose /use. All the pupils learn mainly what they are interested in and never get forced to learn or do something they don´t want or like. – We respect the human rights for parents and their children in this point, whereas the public schools violence parents/children in many ways! Learning has to happen mostly outside in the open air! -Nobody can develop his spirit inside sticky classrooms and after daily travels with crowded busses into a city!

c) Lifestyle

We live and eat mostly naturally. But this doesn´t mean that we run around naked, climbing on trees like monkeys in the jungle. (-We don´t believe in the stupid theory of evolution.) – Our Paradise-Gardens are no jungles or wilderness, but well organized natural farmsystems, where we include all plants and all useful animals on their very reasonable place inside the whole autosufficient system. It is the main art for grownups to build up such a paradise-garden! -We don´t want to be dependent to public systems. That means that we try to have our own water, electricity (if wanted), toilet-system, menure, fertilizers, sources of food, drinks and everything else. That´s why we always try to complete our own network of products and services. – We need people who understand the importance of all that and really work with and for us. We have no places for lazybones or selfish, proud, agressive, … people. Even the first of us stays a servant, works as much as he can, and does what he can. -Our System is hierarchic, we are no communists! – Only with the real, original people on the top we can develop the whole system and avoid the upcoming of pseudo-leaders/kings, falsification, aberration, … -The system itself is able to improve all participants, if they keep our rules of living & eating naturally. Some of you might see certain problems if they want to practice the system at their place. P.ex. sleeping outside in the fresh air or even working outside might be difficult in a cold country with closed, isolated and central heated houses. – But maybe they get the chance to move into an old farmhouse, or somewhere even into an old castle. -The buildings of former times were much better for a natural life. -Big rooms without windows, just long and heavy curtains and an open fire place to warm up! If we all try and work together we should get or build up the right places for us, where we can do our gardens, keep our goats and cows, hen, bees, doing some traditional handcrafts  and learn what we all have fortgotten since a long long time!

d) Health

Please be aware that with our health system illness doesn´t exist much more time! -It is a sensation when we can now explain, that there will be no more fear of any microbe, parasite, epidemy,… that cancer, heartattac, … and all the other so called deseases will disappear and never come back any more..! –  We know the way of healing every thing, but nevertheless it is far away from being easy to go this way back to natural life and food. -(Antinatural life & food are like drugs, civilised people of the modern world are completely addicted in many apects. -If somebody wants to overwind them, he/she has to suffer her/his desintoxication! Our P.I.System-Islands are the best places, maybe even the only places where this is possible in this time. – Many of the illnesses, deseases, addictions people are bearing today are unknown for them, but then come out during his way back /forward to nature. „everybody has to bear his cross and follow this way,“ (to the Lord) is the best advice for healing us and our environment!

e) Work

We don´t produce things without a real practical sense. If possible, we never work just to earn money (this is slavery), because we only want to do good things, real things who really improve, … We dont participate in antinatural works, nor do we help or enable others to commit sins against God & nature. Therefore p.ex. we won´t buy cooked /denaturalized food or drinks for someone or prepare such food! As same as well we don´t buy /use medicaments, detergents, cosmetics, or any other toxic chemical for any purpose, except we still need them urgently. (P.ex. gasoil or motoroil for a car.) -We still can use technical things in a good way, p.ex. computers to spread our knowledge or electricity for water pumps, … but we always try to get free from them in the postcivilised future, or to arrange independent /autonomic systems.

f) Death

If somebody goes into the eternal worlds beyond, he should be in a good condition and well prepared for this. – For naturally living and eating people it is even possible to take their enlightened bodies with them. For not regenerated people it is necessary to leave their body back and raise only with their spiritual body, their soul. After the stop of breathing and heartbeat it lasts up to 3 das, until a soul can leave the dead corps. That means that the dying process lasts 3 days and is not terminated before! Nobody should interrupt or desturb this process, because the soul needs every cell of the dying corps to complete their whole spiritual body like a copy! – During this time nobody should burn, freeze the corps, or cut anything out of that body. Robbing parts/organs out of the corps of a living or death person is one of the worst crimes in this time! -For this it is not possible for us to die “legally” in a hospital of the current system. Even before dying we cannot go there, because they would destroy our pureness and natural bodycells into decadent cells (by cooked food, medicaments…) or even destroy our bodies with radioactivity or operations. One of the worst things are transplantations, because we steal an organ of somebody else and let them cutting (take) out our own organ! That means that we cannot develop our own soul!!! -We cannot appear in the eternity with a stolen heart of someone else!  – And someone else cannot complete his soul without his heart!!! -The different cell code of every individual makes it impossible to overtake a strange organ! – It will be rejected! Already (raw-) meat-eating causes cancer! (Meat eating makes animals out of humans and intoxicates them deadly regarding their spiritual life.)

So if somebody dies, it might be the best for him to look for some place far away in the forests, dig a grave there and try to find a friend, who will close it as soon as his body starts to become rotten. (This is a sign that the soul has already left this corps.) Regarding the situation in this world we’d better leave in silence without graveyard, tombs and ceremonies, without getting frozen, cut, stolen organs, … or even burned!

g) Recycling, menuring, toilets:

One of the biggest sins of so called civilization are the water closets and the channelsystems for waste water. -With those you take away everything from your earth and give back nothing! -(In the meantime they gave back the wellknown artificial fertilizers and all the toxic chemicals, who became necessary to beware the ill plants from being eaten by insects.) We don´t continue with this stupid earth- and soilkilling. -Therefore we recycle all our menure in our farmsystem. -If we don´t use any chamicals, cooked food, medicaments, meat, … there is absolutely no reason to regard our menure as toxic excrements: This step of the recycling circle is very important, and we use different methods of recycling, depending the climate, the number of people, the season, the intention of gardening. Some methods:

1.) We plant a special toilet area with cactus. Opuntiae are ideal for menuring, they protect us from being seen and they grow very well with it, absorbing it perfectly. Usually we bring out a lot of organic material inside this area. So everybody can easily make a whole and cover his menure again.

2.) Area with hen, ducks, sheep or porcs: Some animals still like to eat what is going from us. Especially ducks. – A very recomendable solution is the combination of chicken, ducks and cactus, because the chicken grow very well inside the cactus area too. (They get food, protection…) You can add mulberry or almonds there too. – Normally we use a dry area for this.

3.) Composting your menure in compost toilets.

4.) Bringing out your menure in garden-bed-Systems. You open aprox. 50cm deep rows and fill them up together with all the rests of plants, vegetables, fruits, the kitchen, trees… You can cover these lines with a thin lay of soil and sow out or plant on the inner sides of the walls.

Except in 3.) and 4.)

It is not useful if everybody uses the same place. For in our toilet areas, we better spread the menure over the whole place. -You can shit at any place you want. Just take a hack and make a whole. Before you close it, you can add some seeds too. With that you sew out p.ex. pumpkins or special trees every day! -If all the people would use this method with suitable seeds, we would have sown all the planet with best food within a short time! -So, stop the criminal WC- Systems and canalisation! – Within our lifestyle there are no deseases, and no parasites or microbes can harm us!

5.) Sun-dry-toilets: In hot and dry areas you can shit in the sun and let it dry within a short time. If you menure over a ground of soil at the same place every day and don´t cover it, you will attract certain animals who take the menure away. Mostly beetles will make rolls out of it and take it away into wholes in the earth they’ve made.

So, there are enough possibilities and ways of menuring. – If you want a more technical system, you can find special plans of compost toilets or even systems for making biogas. The production of energy from organic material /waste-water would be interesting for cleaning up whole villages or cities with our system. Without polluting waste-water by chemicals, we´d have immense chances to renaturalize cities and their environment. What an enormous win of fertility and wellness would be the result, if our health and food-system would be applied in whole regions!

7.) Please don´t use toilet paper! There are so many other possibilities for cleaning up! – P.ex. you can use any old or rotten piece of cloth. (it can be washed up if required) You can use sponges and water. – Sometimes you might need only water, the other day maybe some leaves of growing plants. It is even possible to clean up with sand, some wood or stones – be creative! -We never use paperhandkerchieves, toiletpaper or any other hygienic paper material! – There are much better things in nature. Don´t pollute the area by using antinatural materials!

8.) Menuring trees: We construct a small movable fence to surround a tree-area. Inside we place some gardening tools. Every day we arrange a bit of the tree-area, fertilize it with our menure, make a surrounding wall, sew out special plants. -With a movable fence you can easily change the toilet, menure at the best places, protect us from sight, and prevent, that somebody who is going barefoot gets annoyed by stepping into a shit pale. -We don´t like „public toilets.“ Nobody wants to meet the shit of somebody else. For that it is better if each member of a family or community creates his own toilet place in a way, that nobody else gets disturbed by it.