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P.I.System/Latest/Spring 2016

ParadiseIslandFamily Reinhold Schweikert

Tel.: 00351 245 992 419

Mail: Reinhold Schweikert, Ap.111, 7320-999Castelo de Vide, Portugal



ParadiseIslandFamily Reinhold Schweikert

Tel.: 00351 245 992 419

Mail: Reinhold Schweikert, Ap.111, 7320-999Castelo de Vide, Portugal




This spring I wrote some more in English in order to actualize the system for foreign readers at least a little bit. – Since a long time, we live, work and eat naturally now, and I want to explain in few sentences, why and how we got the idea to do that, to leave civilization, trying to get an own and independent island on sea for all of us in the end. – There were many experiences within those almost thirty years we could do it until now, there were visions, hard times too, we made all kinds of mistakes but always found the solutions and stayed on the country with our kind of natural and raw alimentation we grew on our farm and land. Even before that time I already often thought about all the very complicated life in this so-called modern world. – I saw that all the animals in nature get their food free, and I could not understand why only mankind has to work so hard and was so dependent on so many anti-natural things. – Once, when I read the bible on her first page, I finally found the reason for all that: There our Creator described what he created in the beginning, where mankind still lived in paradise. – Within a few simple sentences HE told us what was our food there: All the fruits and seeds from all the trees and plants, all the plants and things in nature that are good to eat… Later on I read about the “promised land”, where milk and honey flew, as a second kind of paradise. – From that day on it was quite clear for me, what kicked us off of paradise: The cooked food and the meat, the prohibited food from the „tree of death“, as the prohibited food was described in another kind of bible from ancient Atlantis! – Well, it is really easy to undertstand, and I wondered, how mankind could be so stupid over many centuries… – There is not one being on this earth who cooks or destroys its food before eating it! – And none of them is dependent, ill or behaves bad. – Only mankind became crazy and cruel, bad and ill in every respect! – Soon I changed my way of eating and never ever returned to cooked food and meat again. – It was in 85, when the last doctor saw me, described me his deadly pills or did other bad things to me. – And it was in 1989, when I visited the last dentist, who had to take out all the lead and fillings of my teeth. – Since then I began to live on and from my own work on own land, and to build up paradise-gardens, where all the animals, plants and humans can live free and independent, in happiness and harmony together in nature. – And since then I wrote and write many texts for the “paradise-island-system” in order to create a suitable documentation of this way of life, that could make all of us free, healthy, peaceful and happy, that could even heal and cure all nature, the whole planet…

Well, there are just a few more impressions the followings few texts can give you for now. It is a pity, that all the numerous scripts of the P.I.System could not be translated yet. I’m convinced, that they would find much more readers in other countries than in nowadays totally destructed, decadent, manipulated, occupied and overrun crazy Germany.




J.C.Burger: Hi F…., I know Burger and the „Instinctos” very well since 30 years and they always attacked me. – In the beginning of the raw food movement in Germany I was a leading person there. Then they replaced Burger and closed me out because I turned to milk, self supplyment and religion. When Burger saw his errors with the meat and changed to milk they imprisoned him. Today he became a warner against meat, but now they don’t want to hear him anymore. – Eating raw meat is the worst thing you can do at all. It is even worse than cooked meat because with that you „transplant“ living animal-cells into your body and become an animal! Some even eat human meat! – That is the worst of all, because they steal cells of another human with another cellcode, that cannot be integrated. They will be made responsible for that and go to hell after their death.

Blenders, mixers, juicers… destroy foodcells by high velocity! – That’s why we don’t use any. For us it is not much better than destroying by fire. – I couldn’t eat or drink anything of that without suffering and feeling how my food suffered and got injured/murdered by the mixer. – Maybe the Greenstar is less worse than others because it works with less velocity and destruction.

Fasting. eating few or nothing: I had a time when I didn’t eat and look into the sun too. But I don’t like to live that way anymore. Things taste so well and I like to work my gardens too, enjoy all the best things out of it daily, drink my wine, hand-pressed orange juice, kefir… and eat cheese, all kinds of raw bread and cakes… We use only hand-turned machines who do a good job too and we can make each kind preparation with them too, even oil out of all seeds and olives. – In the moment we plant onions, salads, cucumbers and tomatoes and sew out many things like carrots, beets and aromatic herbs… They all wouldn’t grow wild or in you “permaculture”. /Of course we do permanent agriculture too (we call it paradise gardening), because we want to have an optimum of quality and variety on our table. – And I’m setting up beehives for the honey and to get more bees…

So far, keep well and greet R. from me! – If he would come to us he shurely would find many things he’d like to sell in his shop…

Milk and meat are very different things! – Seems you still didn’t understand the very differences between milk/eggs and meat. Both are as different as heaven and hell, or live-food and death-food! – Milk and eggs contain not one animal-cell, they just give the nutrients to make your body (or the body of an animal) able to build up an own body-cell. – Even blood has few or no ready-built bodycells and contains lots of nutrition. – However it can contain not only nutrition for new cells, but also trash-cells, waste and toxins from the organism to bring these outside of the body via intestines and kidneys. – So, If you mean to need animal cells by eating meat there is still a weird error and addiction with you.

Of course your baby gets from your breast milk exactly the same food that you have been eating. – You are right if you mean that human breastmilk could be food for each other young or adult being too. Whether a woman’s milk is good or not depends on what she eats, drinks and how naturally she lives as well. – If she eats cooked food or meat, lives in cities, travel in cars or other modern means of transport, her milk is not recommendable for us. – We generally don’t like milk from predators. Nor do we really appreciate eggs of chicken, who eats insects. – In the meantime we stopped eating chicken-eggs during certain seasons or just eat eggs from quails in a cage, where they don’t get animal-cells. – Fermented or dried eggs are preferable for the same reason.

The big problem with all ready-build body-cells of each animal is their possible integration into the human body. They can get inbuilt whole and alive. But they are mortal, without soul, and they never reach the same qualities and skills than original human skills. – But even if people think they should eat (or get transplanted) human bodies, this doesn’t work, because each human body has a different and incompatible cellcode. – To steal body- or bloodcells of somebody else is one of the most awful crimes on earth with severe eternal consequences. – Nobody is allowed to appear in front of God’s throne with stolen body-parts of someone else! – Just hells will call him welcome!

… Whatever „stem-cells“ might be for you, for us they are not evident and is no milk of any peaceful living, that means vegs eating animal forbidden. – And what did you mean when you wrote, we should eat our own body-cells??? – Are you going to become a cannibal? – You already live in the right region for that!
The other things you wrote about were strange as well: The yolks of inseminated chicken have no animal-cells, there is only on one side of the yolk a tiny nearly invisible embryonal appendix which can be easily taken out. – But even if not, this part is too small to be really effective.
Some animals cells and even body-parts are indeed transplantable to humans, no doubt. – But what I told you is that they never reach the same qualities than human cells, I mean to reach spiritual and eternal live, to form a human soul and therefore eternal life after death. – That’s what no animal can get and all the raw-meat-eaters and cannibals won’t reach in a good way too.

Most of my children never liked eggs. – All the goats and even cows are very careful in what they eat. They prevent to swallow any bug or snail…
You were not right in what you said about plants as well: It has been proven that plants are no „egoists“ and like to be eaten and being transformed into a human body, if humans prepare and eat them in a grateful consciousness. – Same as well trees like to be cut or meadows, if they get cut by friendly people for a good and useful reason. – Anyway, mostly we just eat parts or fruits of plants. – In fact it was God who gave us all the plants and seeds, as well as milk and honey for our food, and that HE prohibited for us only to eat from the „tree of death“, that means dead corps and cooked, cell-destroyed food. – Sorry, but what you wrote showed me the typical mental defects and lies of a meat-eater. – How can normal humans and spiritually developed men ever eat ugly bags or worms, or dead corps of other beings, the disgusting food of predators and vultures that makes me already vomiting by just looking at it???


…..For me in this regions there are living just cruel and martial people like everywhere, where they eat meat. – Of course they, like everybody who would accept his laws, could become God’s people as well, but they chose to break his laws and now live in complete darkness until their end and beyond as well… –  But those who even eat rats and dogs are the most cruel of all.
You still didn’t understand the being, life and reaction of plants too. – If they love you and you treat them well they don’t feel bad when you eat them and almost can stop to grow bitter at all. – Even our cactuses lost all of their stings. – Only in wilderness plants have to defend themselves like you said. – In our paradise-gardens however they grow more kindly and sweet every year. – Anyway there is no real bitterness or toxicity in them as soon you combine them well and eat them in the right dose. – It is just the overdose that can make a plant „toxic“. – However those toxins are never comparable with the ones of chemicals, cooked food or death corps.

Well, surely it is possible to eat placentas too, but I prefer only to drink milk of vegetarians and would not like to eat anything from predators, both animals and humans. And this is not only because of spiritual reasons. – I already have experienced that all of that stuff has an ugly taste. That’s why we all stop eating eggs every year during those periods, when the chicken eat insects. – In the meantime, we all stopped eating eggs completely.

There is no other „holy“ scripture, like you wrote it blasphemous, than the bible. – And there is no other true religion than the Christian. – Sorry for you if you still could not see and feel that! – But on the other hand, I know that already many people of this world don’t understand and feel it inside their hearts anymore, and that especially raw meat-eaters become too bestial and primitive for that. With that food of blood and murder they never reach the necessary mental levels to understand what CHRIST did, who HE was and still is any more. – Because of this they prefer to stay always full of many errors too. – St. John of course never ate grasshoppers like you thought! – He already had to flee from persecution when he was a child and grew up alone in a wild and desert region far from other humans. He became a raw food specialists in all herbs, seeds, roots and fruits there. And he had some contacts to a raw eating Essene-Community who lived in that region too. – The error people created with the “grasshoppers” came from a mistake of translation, because he ate mainly the fruits of the „locust-tree“. – You know that sweet dry fruit we name carob or alfarroba here in Portugal and Iberia. – But „locust“ means the name of an insect too, so they were able to create that mistake because of more or less the same reasons than you try to justify your addictions.


You also mentioned that enclosed animals inside fences or cages are not free and therefore won’t produce good food: Of course that is right if you think about all those poultry in tiny cages without feathers, nourished with trashes, sedated with drugs, pushed with hormones and “protected” by antibiotics and vaccines from their maladies, in order to let all that stay inside of these animals without making them able to drop out any of that bullshit any more until they die very early. – However just compare even that worst kind of modern chicken’s life with the estate of people living in cities. – Aren’t they living nearly in the same way? – Encaged, eating bullshit, taking medical drugs, being vaccinated and exploited, full of maladies, but “protected” and sedated by all these toxins that make their organisms and minds unable to clean them up any more by those cleaning-up-processes called illness? – But do all of these poor people know anything about their sad destiny? And do they even know that they are imprisoned? – I once tried to release chicken out of such cages, where they laid eggs. I took out about ten and set them free and with good food. Within less than one week nearly all died. Just one of them was able to survive, but never laid eggs any more. – Would those people from the cities die as well if they would be forced to live and eat naturally?

Well, in our system of course this all is handled very different, because all the fences and enclosures are in the open air and sun, but with an additional shelter against wind and rain, where they can retire, lay or breed,…These enclosures are not prisons, they are just for protection either of the animal itself, or for other animals or plants outside from the fenced animal. – Of course they could feel bad und suffer there inside too, if we don’t feed and treat them well! – Undoubtedly these animals are much more dependent from the daily food, water and care we give them there, except if we replace the fences each time when they have finished up and set them up on another place with lots of food again. – Each animal has its certain habits and food. You can insert it in certain situations, seasons and places very well, in others they would destroy or disturb plants or other animals who are living there, or they would be mixed up and lose their genetically identity. – So fencings in our gardening-system are just beneficial regulations of populations with certain and useful well working communities of plants, animals and humans. – The animals from inside never feel bad, they just feel guarded, protected, well-fed, safe and healthy if we work well. – Maybe some of them are sometimes a kind of lazy or bored, if there are/is not enough companions or work for them. – Sometimes there is a kind of jealousy and fight among them if more of them want to become caressed and cared at the same time. Especially female animals like cats and dogs can become very clinging and start to bite and beat others, if we love them as well. – But most of them live much better than outside in the wilderness, where they are never safe, always have to struggle a lot against many enemies to survive and to find enough food. – They never get milk and lots of them have to stay predators, because their stomachs don’t allow to live by unprepared rough and bitter wild plants only. That’s why they get rough and beasty too. – And with that you can find the reason why our paradisiac animals lay many more eggs and give much more milk than wild animals as well. – They are, with the care of us, in a better situation and would never leave us, as long as we treat them well. We often have the situation here, that we want to release protected animals out of an enclosure, where we had to protect them for any reason before. After we open it and let them be free outside, these animals use to spend many days running around the cage or fence trying to get inside…


Well, there would be probably always many things to correct on nearly each sentence you write, and I don’t have the time to give all answers…. – Nevertheless I thank you for this conversation! – Even if maybe it won’t really help you. – Unless you won’t start to build up a complete own farming system on a ground where you stay, you will never be able to eat and live well. – But what I wrote might help others to avoid the same errors. – People of this time are so full of errors and mistakes, that the earth will go down soon, if we won’t be able to improve them. – It seems that they use a kind of a filter that only lets in falsifications, errors and lies. – The mental reason behind that is obsession, the material analogue is addiction. – But maybe you still can remember the time when you were visiting us and eating here. – Did you ever need to eat bugs or meat here? – And what about me and my family? – Are we not completely well and healthy without insects and meat since 30 years? – I admit than women are more close to the earth, somehow their nature even is like an animal. – But she can join the holy spirit of the Lord as well. – Why did you never read the books and visions of that Italian woman named Maria Valtorta? – With her you could lose your obviously still existing contacts to the darkness.


…. I mean Jesus Christ, our God, who became a human and lived among us to teach, heal and save our eternal life, who was crucified to death and resurrected, then ascended continued to govern everything…. But well, to teach all the real things about our creator, and especially about all the lies that have been spread by the antichrists it would need lots of words and time, that’s why I recommended to read Valtorta…

Of course you should start gardening, having animals and stay where you found or will find your place! – Without that your family can’t grow and your roots stay in the air. – I probably would be very happy if I would have been able to move my family to such a land and place where you are. – Maybe just a few more sea-miles, and you’ll already have found your “island behind the island”. – Better turn your back to Europe completely. – Obama „examines“ an atomic strike against Russia and begs Germany to participate in his war against Russia. Merkel agreed! – It’s like if we’d live in a bad dream here! – Incredible how those criminals obviously can lead our countries to their final destruction and death!


I’ll try to answer again. – These explanations can be useful for my scripts as well:

Revelations/religious experiences: Yes I did have my own revelations, however not as same as many about the life and teachings of Jesus like Maria Valtorta, who laid in her bed for many years and could there easily be and stay in that certain mental estate where it is possible to receive messages from beyond. – The reason why revelations from different persons can differ a little in what they saw is the fact, that each person and time works like a filter, when he/she is receiving those events like live-reportages from ancient situations. – Even if what they see appears totally real and even if the visionary was really replaced into a certain moment and incidence, the „sender“ still knows what he can send and choose or not for her or him. Especially the tortures of Jesus Christ during the days when he got crucified were so cruel, that nearly nobody was ever able to watch and feel these events without dying or getting hurt mentally in a severe way. – I just saw HIM for a small moment at the cross and even now, more than 25 years after that I still get tears in my eyes as soon as I only remember that. – The fact is, that if you see these „films“ from beyond, you don’t only see them from distance like in TV, it is like if you are really there, and you would feel and even suffer yourself intensively what happens there. – Emmerich even felt and suffered some of these tortures on her own body. – Because of that there were very few visionaries who were able to bear the whole Calvary by visions. – I chose Maria Valtorta for you because she was Italian and wrote in your language. – If you would like to know especially more about Calvary there is Anna Katharina Emmerich, a German Nonne, a little more ancient than Valtorta. – In Spain there was Maria Agreda who can be favoured. – The books of Valtorta are better for learning religious correlations too, Emmerich is only reporting exactly what she saw, the famous German poet Clemens Brentano wrote it all down. – We here in Germany have the very salutary and cordial books of Christoph von Schmid, who wrote down the whole stories of the bible for children/school-teaching and many famous saints and martyrs of the ancient times. – All this became nearly forbidden now because the internazional Antichrists want to destroy any real religion in any person in order to bring him, his soul and his land to death. – The Christians  will be soon persecuted and killed in Europe as well by the Islamic European conquerors. – That’s one of the main reasons why our enemies/the politicians brought them to Europe now.


About your lactoacid fermented vegs it is a little difficult to find out the reason from here why they might not be really good. – But well, if they taste and smell good there should be no reason to stop eating them. – If farts are stinking these can be because of some effects of cleaning up or renewing body-cells as well. – Especially if there is no bad smell at your partner’s. – During all the times of pregnancy and still afterwards during some periods of breastfeeding the female organism has no time for cleanings and regenerations. – This may start again only after the first year of breastfeeding and normally causes some crisis in your psyche too, until you got all out. – Or, like most of women do it then, you get pregnant again and stay without cleaning up and any bad symptoms for one more period.


For your veg-fermentations you don’t need to sterilize or heating up anything. – The only thing you have to avoid for not letting your conserves rotting away after some time is air, that can enter into the jars. The caps of the jars must close well, if not the rotting-process will be as faster the less salt you use and the higher the heat of the climate becomes. – The conserves should be filled up well too, and of course the quality of the vegs you use must be optimal. If there any artificial fertilizer or any other unnatural shit was used for the alimentation of your vegs, the fermented product will never be satisfying. – You always eat what your plants ate, what the poultry got or what your goats and cows ate, just in a refined and better digestible extract, when you eat their products. – That’s one of the reasons why I told you that without own gardening there is no chance to succeed with all your food and life respects.

As soon as the fermentation has finished you definitely never should open a jar without eating the whole content afterwards within one, maximum two weeks. – It’s a little the same with wine and beer. – Imagine what happens if you let them stand open for more time! – If the glasses and caps don’t close firmly and completely they are not useful to make conserves. – You must be able to turn the glasses upside down without losing any drop of liquid. – Of you open the jars there should be still some pressure inside that makes the conserve start prickling for a short time.

Farting doesn’t hurt us and there is no matter to avoid that. – If your food is prepared in a way that some parts need to be chewed for a longer time than others, some things might be swallowed down to early and later create farts too. – The same can happen if your teeth are not in a good condition and if you eat rough things or too fast or too much for your digestion capacity. –  But fermented things should rather improve your digestion than creating problems. – A good helper for digestion is natural wine as well. – By eating raw food your farts should not stink any more. – If they do you can check up well if all ingredients are really raw and organically grown (without artificial fertilizers).


Our regional activities, are they really useful? – Thanks, lets speak about those things personally. I don’t like to communicate via computers. Indeed we have so many things to sell that we need to find more ways to sell them. – And if you know some possibilities this is welcome, whatever you think or do otherwise… Of course we want serious persons, and of course I know, that those people of the so-called alternative scene are doing things like gatherings during the night, yoga, and lots of others worthless and useless things. They waste their life with nonsense and take drugs to make themselves thinking they are something great or special… Because they don’t do and work real things they have no money. And if you deal with them you always have to give the things very cheap or without money. If you let them into your house or farm, they finally won’t respect your property and family, the way you are, if you are different… Finally you get attacked by them if you’re not the same. They are not tolerant, not at all, and they often have very restricted and small minds, and especially hearts. – Most of their theories are illusions, and when they speak about peace, they create war. (There is no peace without living, eating and working naturally anyway!) – My son told me that one of our favourite Swabian book authors got some of his books translated even in Portuguese or Spanish. If you want to know me or my heart and soul a little better, you can read some of his books. – His name is Christoph von Schmid. He lived and wrote about 200 years ago.

Thank you for your offers and suggestions…. I’ll try to answer to some immediately: We don’t employ people here, because living here is a great privilege, for some the best kind of therapy, for others the luckiest place on earth, if they are the right people for what we are and do, who are well informed about us and like to be on our way… On the contrary others, non-informed and non-conforming people can disturb our community seriously and cause heavy damages. – To integrate people into our life-system it is necessary too to understand what I wrote in German language. – Until now there is not one person on this earth who really knows our intensions and new kind of life-system and doesn’t understand German. – Without speaking the same language all communication is generally incomplete and insufficient. – Unfortunately nearly all my very important new scripts have not been translated yet. (The translated are very few and more than ten years old. Inside our current P.I.Club-Mails I can only write very few in English)

….What we can arrange for this year is that I tell you what we have to sell within certain periods or each time when you ask for it. – There are certain things that are in store and/or always or mostly available like natural conserves, wine, different kinds of cheese and milk. – Eggs and honey are sometimes rare. – But exactly all those are forbidden to be sold in that way, quality, declaration and packaging we offer them. Not forbidden are nearly only vegs out of the gardens. – Certain living animals might be sold more or less free as well. – Very difficult for me is to set a price, because this depends to the place and person you want to sell. – What you sell here for 1 € can rend 10€ in other places like Costa Tropical or Marbella. – Generally it is much better for us, to “sell” the complete system here inside on our island to those people, who are really interested and willing to live and learn that way for a longer time. – If we sell – to give an example – all our dried tomatoes after summer (usually everybody wants them like everybody wants our sweet carrots) we won’t have our very special tomato-garlic-paste all over the following year and loose an important member within our food-family during winter. The same happened if we would sell all our olive-oil, because there is no possibility for us to by those things from somewhere else in the same or just a sufficient quality. (We buy only very few things in public shops for various reasons) – Anyway we can’t really trust anything what cooked-food people produce or prepare, cause they think and act different. – From their point of view our lifestyle, who we are and what we see, feel and think cannot be understand. For us their mind is very visible, but we can’t help them out of all their errors, tragedies and misfortunes, illnesses and aberrations, because they don’t want to believe and accept the truth. (Behind all that lays a mental problem called obsession) – Nevertheless our system gives the option to sell a certain part of products to good places and selected people outside too. Whether they are rich or not is not the most important fact of the choice. – We even already thought to give our things free for those institutions who take care of poor, old or ill people… Well, but all the ill people are just people who didn’t want to hear the truth, to learn and change. And most of the poor are just lazy… So there is mostly no real reason to aids for “social” institutions. Lots of them, mainly in Germany even already turn to be and act highly criminal, like the cruel German “Jugendamt” who steals children from their parents and make a lot of money with them.

….Maybe it doesn’t matter at all to whom we give our things. Maybe it is already not worth the effort even to sell anything in this times close to the end…   The money we get if we deal and sell regularly is mostly ridiculous anyway and covers not even a small part of the real values and costs. – Our delivery for M… was more or less inside the same category, but I just didn’t want to let him stand on his market without having enough an d good things to sell. – What became more annoying with him than the small money was that I found out, that he spoke pejoratively about me and even didn’t tell anybody who is the producer of what he sells. To excuse that, he told me that his clients, if they would know the producer, would stop to buy. – I replied that I don’t want him to sell our products to people who doesn’t like and respect me, and that he’d better inform people about the errors and naughtiness of those ancient jealous rumours against us and me. – But anyway, I didn’t really believe that this was the only reason. Maybe he just didn’t want to lose clients, because then people would be able to buy directly. – But as you see, even this small section of selling some few of our products is already creating problems, like everything, what you do inside this so-called civilisation of small minds who think they are great. – And if I would try to sell more and other “forbidden” things (the best and purest quality-products are forbidden by “law”) this could create even heavy fines and punishment. – Already if I’d give you any bill for your payment I’d have to join their system first with all the binding consequences and costs of insurances and taxes. And, as you know, all things you want to sell must be very beautiful and well arranged, without any “mistake”, “dirt” and if possible always in exactly the same sizes, qualities and tastes. Then you have to put etiquettes with all ingredients, date, weight, degree, a.s.o. – None of us has really the time and ambition to prepare all this until it is ready for that market.  — So, what could really help us would be a (preferably female) trustworthy person, who is able to fulfil all this, who lives and works with us and stays behind us in all what we are, need and intend to do. A kind of protector and promotor, sometimes even a lawyer and negotiator, a keen, brave and powerful messenger between the different life-systems, who resolves all that bureaucratic bullshit and papers for us (if unavoidable), and proclaims our healing messages for the sake of the region and even Portugal and Spain (by Publishing of P.I.System-literature). – But well, you must know: As soon as we spread our messages we will be attacked in various manners again, cause people don’t want to hear and follow the truth. Even our food will be attacked as being forbidden… (Cause the devil doesn’t like it) Nowadays people are mostly pretenders and want to be betrayed and intoxicated, in order to continue their lives with all those lies, obsessions, addictions, crimes and sins they do until their sad end.

Hi….., as you saw it is generally very laborious to unite people, and even more difficult it would be really to supply them with good fresh garden-food. – Everybody who lives mainly from vegs (and everybody should!) needs his garden and to work in it, cause it is just impossible to buy all that….

But if we want to spread some food, we can think about the best ways to do that. Both me and you always tended to move and improve something, the more, the better,… regionally and nationwide, as far as our language and spirit is able to move things. – As you know I do it by writing as well as by our clubsystem, theoretically and practically. – You probably try the same spiritually and by founding associations.  – But practically we can do very few. Nevertheless our choice to whom we give our food-energies can raise people or let them down. Until now, we tried to supply some old people with good proteins that enable them to restore their damaged health or keep them well enough to go on working and holding a certain position. P.ex Manuel gets every week our eggs and some special vegs. In former times he ate and learned among us eating raw, but then, during a period where we didn’t have enough cheese, he fell back to cooked food. – From that on he became a kind of Guru or hero for a certain group of people who had fallen back too. They produced him and made him feel something special. But in fact he has fallen back and stopped learning, just adapted to their “alternative” ideologies and then became a kind of a market-centre for the meetings of those kind of people, with whom you had to handle as well. Festivals, meetings, parties, projects,… all kinds of the modern new world practises from all parts of the world infiltrated… – Well, I know all those proudly, selfish and pseudo-free movements since they were imported to Europe, and I know who brought and spread them too… So I could write and write a lot… But there is no time, and are just certain simple points we should think about, when we sell food to markets:

Lots of those people who buy there are people who don’t have gardens or even don’t work. I already wrote[1] about all those timewasters and talking heads and asked myself, if these people and their festivals are really the ones we should support. – It is not only the lack of money they give! – If  finally we just raise our enemies there or people, that are definitely not willing to learn and improve, maybe we should look for others. – Another aspect of our choice should be the ways and efforts of the transport. – Raising, harvesting, preparing, transporting and selling costs much more energy than any other work and brings nearly nothing. – If you are very lucky you’ll get back what you investigated, but you never get payed and mostly not appreciated for your efforts and works. – But regardless of that maybe it is generally our responsibility to let people eat more vegs and realfood. – Cause if not they’ll get even worse, more stupid and wicked. – In addition we can try to teach them to become independent too. – As long as they want to be taught. – But like I told you there are very few who really want to learn or change something they are used to. We live here probably mainly among ignorants who might not be worth to become taught. – We invented the best things, a new gourmet-kitchen, new kinds of food, another lifestyle without any illness and problems…, but nobody was and is interested.

Because of all that points maybe there is no reason to prefer a certain group when we sell or give our products away. – One of the few places to come into touch with nearly all the people of a region are still the rural markets, because there you even can meet the farmers and workers. – This is still one of the main reasons why we keep on „selling“ our vegs. – And probably I’d have to do even that myself again.-  If not it is totally useless and nobody else will spread our good messages and raise our projects… But maybe we should better give up any more contacting and try get an island on sea… because it is all too late now. –  When I still lived in Germany I applied other ways to meet people and to teach them a healthy lifestyle, cause I run a raw food restaurant. – Here I tried to get visitors/clients for a longer time for learning more and better, how they can become healthy, free and independent. – Many years of practising all that showed, that the own children and family are better and more reliable partners than all the colourful strange people who come and go. – There are and will stay differences between them all, and if nations and relations get mixed up, things become chaotic. – Only women can adapt and getting integrated (by her man) into another tribe, men never because they always stay  genetically fixe. – So I think, for you it would be better to stay with your man and children and build your world with them. Cause all the other relations might be forgotten some soon day for forever.

Well, I wrote a lot again for you… much easier and better would be to speak personally about all. But until now you never brought enough time for stay… But already the option of getting lots of good food from us could give you enough real reasons… and if you’ld stay here and worked a little for and with us, you could get the very best things for your family even free.

Have a good day again. – The reasons why we don’t go to the markets and entertain more of those ignorants with our music are many. – Mainly we don’t want to leave thousands of living beeings and plants on the three farms we do alone. They live well because of us and will suffer or even die immediately during our absence, or just the absence of our heart and work. – Another fact is. that we never feel good enough to make music when we have to be in cities and among people who live antinaturally. – We know and feel like wild and free animals,  that they are all enemies of nature, animals, plants, God and the truth, – and therefore dangerous for all that, us and our natural peace and freedom too. – What we can do and what we always did and offered to them was an invitation for a stay in order to live and learn among us for some time. – Nearly nobody here ever used that offer!

– Atheists are just uninformed or falsely informed people. – Very often they prefer to believe in those esoteric lies of the actual satanic modern-world-pseudo-religion, because this let them be something great and special. – They prefer to believe in those lies because of their mental and psychic aberrations and destructions too, caused by decadent and cooked junkfood, drugs, medics and other intoxications. – The only real escape of that trap is possible by detoxication and regeneration of the whole body during living and eating naturally. – The only way of reaching this free state of life leads across the spiritual rescue-bridge of real original and  natural Christianity. – Because its God and his spirit, – and Christ was, is and will ever be the only God -, who reigns all regions of our natural, mental and spiritual existence.

– It is true, that the actual pope is liked by many Non-Christs (Antichrists, Atheists, demon-servants of all types). – The reason is because he is an anti-pope, and already the forerunner of the oncoming anti-Christ-leader of the satanists. – The last real and valid pope was an is still Benedict, who has got supressed and threatened by the anti’s in order to give up his position.


P.I.System/ Farm Organisation/ garden shopping

First instructions about prices and rules for new visitors:

Many visitors ask us if they can “pay” or stay without money. – Yes: It is sometimes possible to substitute money with other goods, or work, or just friendship. – But never bring in denatured food from supermarkets, cooked, roasted, baked foodstuff or any meat. – Even most of the bought fruits or vegs we won’t appreciate here or give it only to the animals. – Come and be like you are, natural, without any cosmetics and artificial smells, soaps or toothpastes and other material lies… (We even don’t like false or leaded teeth and prefer to see tooth gaps) Chemicals and all bought cosmetics destroy our waters and intoxicate the animals who live there. Here we can show or give you many things in or from nature to help you in any situation. – Please don’t take baths in our waters and wash only with water. (There are other waters outside close by) – Never light any fire! – Even not a candle. (Bring a torch) – Don’t disturb the members of the family in their works and life with all the animals, plants, food and services they do for them and you… by talking or trying to contact them in any way. Even no hugs or good-mornings, bon appetite and farewell-ceremonies…, please! They are not interested in you anyway. – And if anyone is interested in contacting you, he, she or it will come to you. – Never take animals, children, members or goods away from the farm area! – All this can seriously distract them/us, delay their/our works and destroy the wellness or life of plants and animals. – As well you should not disturb or frighten any of our animals. They always have priority on their ways. So, don’t expect them to go away if you come along. (Wait or take another way) Please take care of your children who could run after and grab them. – Anything bad or just an interruption or delay of their habits and meals can kill specially the baby-animals. – People who ate cooked food before and/or use pharma-products(medics) should shit outside of the farm. – You will be informed about and can choose your personal toilet- and sleeping-place after you entered and inscribed. It might be necessary that you prepare and clean your natural sleeping-place before you can use it. (Tell us if you are frightened from certain animals) Better bring your own things to sleep and always arrive early enough in the evening before darkness enters. – For getting further informs about any question or if you need personal assistance (food- and drink- or health-services, talks, lessons, therapies, treatments,…) during your stay, just play your melody (always the same) with a flute in order to call me or somebody from our staff who is ready for you. – If you take photos never picture any person or disadvantageous situation please!

In our paradise better close your camera and open your own eyes, ears and heart. – Stop talking around, keep your theories behind and start learning from what you see and practise here. Make notes for not forgetting the many things you with meet and learn here within a minimum of time. – Our paradise-gardens with all their habitants like friendly, sensitive, calm, silent, considerate, peaceful, heartfelt and sincere people. –  If you find some work ask and tell us your intentions before you start. If you want, we can give you some work too or let you assist on one of us.– Any tool should be brought back to the place from where you took it right after the use. – If we won’t find it afterwards this might cause suspicion of burglary. – Visitors always stay here on their own risk and responsibility. – For cutting your own vegs in our gardens (garden-shopping) we will show you where they are and where you can walk without destroying plants. – To say it in general: Better never step into garden-beds. – Just pick vegs or fruits from the ways. Try to avoid to step on any plant growing on the grounds beyond the footpaths. – After having collected, natural shopping-visitors come to the house, show what they chose and give their share.

You come with the right attitude, if you enter our gardens in the same way as you would enter a holy church or sacred place. – Definitely it is a church and sacred place! – It is the place where we meet God in all the pure and wonderful emanations (plants, animals and humans) of his holy spirit.


Some prices: One full meal with drinks, showing rounds, lessons or/and resolving some personal problems is 10€. – One disco evening with music, drinking and food is the same price. One stay overnight in our “natural hotel” with a main meal at 1 o’clock included is 30€. – Couples pay the same price. – Members of the Paradise-Island-Club can get in cheaper. – Women can be free for the first time and then get into the club if we both like us. – Single men without women, smokers, drug-people and alcoholics, rowdies and hooligans, seducers of women, thieves, unknown strangers with violent religions and languages we don’t understand are not welcome. – You are here on a private place in a private party, because you were invited. If you don’t behave like a good guest, do or talk bad things, or bring in such people you won’t be invited anymore. – The number of participants to any event is limited to maximal 12 persons. – We prefer less. – Whoever wants to get on the guest-list has to write us and give his contact-informs before, or bring an invitation-ticket with name, address, telephone…

For garden-shopping come in the evenings from 6’clock onwards. For personal meetings we should combine a certain time for you. – During the heat of the day vegs must not be harvested.


Some echo: Hi, I have to add some more details for you: Some things of my upper text might sound a little strange for you. – But maybe you already know that nowaday’s people can be very dangerous for families and too many or false ones of them can destroy anything you built or still want to build up. – We mainly don’t want to get invaded by all those many single men and seducers of women, hang-abouts, lazybones, windbags and drug-people here… – And we really can’t afford people who only take and give nothing (good) any more. – So if men want to get in for events or stay overnight, they should be accompanied by their women. – We don’t want to create a community here. Couples or families who visit us for studies will leave us within a certain appointed time and then create their own place. – Each person, who wants to get schooled or cured, enter the P.I.Club or taken as a maiden or farmhand here has to give us detailed informs about his/her person, habits, skills, situation and life… before, and for the first visit only can get a probation period of about one week among us.

But now to your questions: It is sometimes or even regularly definitely possible to „pay“ with work. – If you want to come garden-shopping, you can work for some time in the gardens or anywhere else you want and then take away what you need. There are always many plants that are not “beautiful” enough or too old to get sold on the markets. So there might be even a good choice for you. – But well, if you want to be here to stay, you have to be a maiden, or become a women for me or my sons, if you don’t pay other services of us like therapies, beauty-farming, eco-schooling, natural hotel or club-restaurant.

As well it is possible to substitute money with goods. But any change can only happen with things we really want and need. – So I will tell you some natural goods we nearly always will accept for a change: “Stone-mushrooms” – (maybe you know that mostly dry grey mushroom that is growing all around on walls of granite-stones.) – other mushrooms, self-collected fruits, berries, nuts, acorns, chestnuts, from trees or bushes, all cereals and edible seeds (even from wild plants or herbs), food for animals, wood and other useful natural materials…


9/11 vinyl-disco on Saturdays:

…..Ola……, things already changed! – It seems that we do arrange a dancing party with dinner for saturday, because there is a demand from guests of the festival where we catered. They are eager to know more about us because of the good meals. – The couple who arranged the festival seems us to be trustworthy enough to let them enter. – The dancing-musics will start around 9 and end 11 or a little later in the evening. – So it will be a 9/11-disco. – People who want to see the gardens and meet our animals before should come a little earlier. – Some might stay overnight and participate on the big sunday-meal at 1 o’clock. – Don’t forget to bring a torch. – Please tell me as soon as possible if you want to be on the guest-list, because if not I can open up for more others.


Times and Programs for visitors in the evenings:

6 p.m.: and garden-shopping

7 p.m.: Visits and tours around our paradise-island-farm, explications and demonstrations of our systems, lodge of special guests for the night, personal meetings, conversations, answering questions, arrangements….

8 p.m.:  Gathering around the table, some more general explanations about intensions, plans, goals… of the P.I.System, our rules and reasons or other matters of interest… Opening of the dinner.

9 p.m.: Beginning of musics (disco/or live-band on Saturdays or other days if required) or/and going to bed and silence as soon as darkness entered until dawn.

In the mornings and during the days all members of the and staff have to work seriously at the farms. – If somebody wants to meet us/me then he/she can accompany and talk with us/me during labouring. – Participants for the big midday meal should arrive a little before 1 p.m. – After the big meal and during the hot afternoons we retire to hold siesta.

So, just come and see! – We can give you a lot more in every aspect of life. Much more than I could write, and much more you can ever pay with money. – But nevertheless please don’t forget to leave some money for us here too. – Everywhere you go you have to pay. – Don’t misuse and exploit us by cheap shopping, while you bring your money to the supermarkets and drive in with your new car!



Echo: Very good! – I already was a little in doubt if people liked the meals of yesterday. – It was a more common meal, and the vinegar maybe was a little too strong… As long as nobody really knows how to use the combinations there might be problems with the strong tastes. – Of course we don’t deliver more natural conserves. – They are very salty, and they were just thought to accompany all the meals and fulfil anybody’s wish to amplify the tastes and values of non- or only slightly flavoured meals. The same happens with cheese and grated cheese. – The conserves can be eaten within two weeks, some can stay open even much more time (Olives, and hot conserves) But if you don’t want and use them at all you can bring them back after the festival or give them away to visitors. – The last meal was of the type of common meals for people working on the land. – We wanted to show you various types of raw meals to make you know more… The vinegar-oil-onion-cheese-combination allows to eat and digest enormous rates of cheese without drinking wine or cider. – That’s why I recommended to take more and other salted, stronger-flavoured and older types of cheese with you. – Until now, you still don’t know very much these kinds of cheese from us. You had just one of them in the vinegar, where it dissolves. – The sliced and salted radish increases the capacity of the blood to assemble more liquids. So people can drink much more beer or other liquids without getting drunken. –  I’m still not sure what we will serve for you tomorrow. At least it should be „salada valeriana“, the one we didn’t give away the first time. A very precious and special salad, but nearly unknown in Portugal. – Then maybe we will give beetroot-carrot-salad with almonds. – The green salad can be delivered ready-made in a bowl or just washed in boxes, like you want. – For the rest you could ask your people whether they wish a special salad again. – (Like potato or pumpkin…) You had several kinds of raw bread, unless the sweet varieties until now. – So we decided to make sweet bread for the last catering. – Now it is the question what your guests can eat to that. – We would make one part vegan. For that you could give bananas or other fruit (apples). – The other part can be non-vegan with fresh milk or/and quark with fruits. – Are you prepared and ready to give that?- For Friday I can give you mainly cabbage and chard (acelga), maybe potatoes and garlic, we’ll see.

We all thank you for your cooperation in catering our natural-raw-food-meals. – If you want we can go on with that. – We need that money urgently, not only for our farm and family, but also for our general plan to buy an island on sea where all those who succeeded in living and eating naturally (and holding the laws of God an nature) can go and stay in future… So, the name of our project, the „paradise-island-system“ has not been chosen just accidentally. – But well, mountains of tasks and work are still waiting to reach that final goal…


Para: Sistema Ilha paraíso/ traduções Portuguesas

Olá vizinhos! – Aqui uma lista com produtos atuais da nossa quinta. A lista não é completa, e quando vens podemos encontrar muito mais coisas que temos ou podemos fazer para ti. – Vegetais: Este semana podes escolher diretamente das hortas rábanos, beterrabas, mais que cinco variedades de saladas, também acelga, várias tipos de couve, ervas aromáticas, ervas bravas, favas, cenouras,… Ainda temos batatas do ano passado para semear ou comer. Também há plantas e sementes dos vegetais ou árvores, algumas são raras em Portugal. Uma variedade grande das conservas naturais, vinho, vinagre, óleos da plantas diretamente da prensa, leite de cabra, ovelha e vaca e todos os produtos de leite. Varias serviços e ensinos, aulas, guias, terapias naturais,… almoços, refeições na ilha paraíso, natural hotel, preparamos refeições crus ou bolos para festas de fora. – Visitantes podem encontrar aqui muitas ideias novas e valorosas e recrear-se num ambiente ! – A nossa família come cru e dá muito cuidado em tratar e alimentar todas as plantas e animais bem, naturalmente e sem produtos químicos. Aqui nada fica esterilizado, intoxicado ou estragado em qualquer maneira. – Para evitar problemas com a burocracia e as finanças, pode ser que vai ser necessário de juntar no nosso Clube Ilha Paraíso a fim de participar nos nossos projetos pessoalmente e com isso ser capaz de adquirir todo tipo de produto. (– Antes que vens deixa uma mensagem, p.f.)

Alguns preços: Uma refeição completa com bebidas, guias, aulas e/ou resolver alguns problemas pessoais é de 10 €. – Uma noite com discoteca ou música própria, bebidas e comida é o mesmo preço. Uma estadia de uma noite no nosso „hotel natural“ com uma refeição principal em 1:00 incluído é de 30 €. – Casais pagam o mesmo preço. – Os membros do Paraíso-Island-Club podem entrar mais barato. – As mulheres podem ser livres pela primeira vez e, em seguida, entrar no clube, se nós gostamos nos. – Homens solteiros sem mulheres, fumantes, viciados em drogas e alcoólicos, violentos e hooligans, sedutores das mulheres, ladrões, estranhos desconhecidos com religiões violentos, … não são bem-vindos. Está aqui em um lugar privado e numa quinta/família privada. Se alguém não se comporta como um bom hóspede, faz ou fala coisas ruins, ou traga pessoas más, não será convidado mais. – Principalmente os membros de clube tem o direito de trazer amigos, mas com isso eles serão responsável para as pessoas que eles trazem. – O número de participantes de todo o evento é limitado da máxima 10 pessoas. – Nós preferimos sempre menos. – Uma pessoa ou um casal sozinho é o melhor para se e para nós. – Quem que queira entrar na lista de convidados tem que escrever ou telefonar para combinar, ou trazer um ticket assinado como o seu contato, nome, endereço, telefone …
Para jardim-shopping vêm à tarde à partir das 6:00. – Para reuniões pessoais combinamos um certo tempo. – Durante o calor do dia os vegetais não deve ser colhidas.

[1] In the moment I’m wasting time by writing as well, because yesterday we started the disco here again. So I’m not able to do better things and bound to hold “offwork Sunday”. – In fact there can be a certain part of wasting, flowers, “pleasure”, music,… It is no need to stretch the bow all the time.

P.I.System/Latest/ 2013/14

ParadiseIslandFamily Reinhold Schweikert

Tel.: 00351 245 992 419

Mail: Reinhold Schweikert, Ap.111, 7320-999Castelo de Vide, Portugal



Life is great here, but outside…? (Read the following text) – ‚ll try to lance a final printed book about all the public errors, lies, false opinions… and the way out of the oncoming final crashes of this socalled civilisation… Whoever wants to translate it immediately from German into other languages, is welcome!

Money, cars, numbers and accounts, noise, stress, hectic, … living in TV-screens and illusions; worthless, sickening cooked food, poisons and drugs in us and around us, addictions and crimes in the madness of this time … eight hours daily slavery, „working“ against the laws of God and Nature, two weeks of holidays each year… If we fall ill, doctors pretend to cure us with poison, knifes and nuclear radiation!
To the superficial observer this modern world still appears in glory and glamour! – But many time bombs have already exploded (Fukushima…), others still tick. – While the dentists keep on drilling holes in our teeth and fill them with brain-destroying highly toxic metals! – Everything and everybody became falsified, nothing and nobody stayed clean and true! – Fake-people, fake-society, fake-culture… They all became sinners and criminals, and they all are victims in the same time… Mistreating and/or suffering lucratively until death.
We all know: Somethings got to change! –
The solutions of the invisible world-government: Killing the main part of all populations worldwide by intoxicating the atmosphere, food and waters, nuclear desasters, another world war…! – Auschwitz everywhere! – Weakening, idiotizing, chipping, robotizing, depersonalising, enslaving and controlling the rest totally.
Our solution: Going back to laws of God and Nature, into the promised garden paradises and living there in peace and freedom from the work of our own hands! – Together!

Spring 2014: Our gardens are ready for a new start! Join us! – Enjoy your spring-salad-cure! – Taste and feel the energy of our real organic selfgrown vegs, fresh milk from our goats and cow, eggs from our chicken! – You’d better move from your northern ice-countries into the warmer South!

(Only in summer and if our guests want it:) Farmhouse-Power-Rock-Disco-Summer-Parties on Saturdays

Dancing and romancing, raw organic food and drinks, no smoke, no drugs, open air, open stage, life-music, natural sleeping-places in our paradisegardens! – Easy living! – Arrive before sunset! – Details/reservation via email or telefone.

Demnächst auf unserer Lebensinsel:

Wer sich täglich an leckeren Maulbeeren vom Baum sattessen will, der komme jetzt! – In frischer Ziegenmilch schmecken sie noch besser! – Etwa noch bis Mitte Juni.  – Danach gibt es Frühfeigen, Pflaumen und Pfirsiche! – Unsere Naturfarm mit all ihren unverfälschten Genüssen, verbunden mit dem Erlernen eines völlig neuen und natürlichen Lebensstils, wird ein unvergeßliches Erlebnis für Sie werden!

Die natürlichste und einfachste Anbau-Methode der Welt:

Nennen wir es mal etwas salopp „Klogärtnern“. – Gerade jetzt im Frühjahr sollen und können bei/mit jedem Klogang Pflanzen ausgesät werden! – Wie? – Ganz einfach! – Sie nehmen eine Hacke und machen damit an geeigneter Stelle ein Loch, worin sie ihren Dung-Haufen setzen. Sodann streuen Sie allerlei Saatgut darüber und decken das Ganze mit Erde ab. Die großen Samen tiefer, die kleinen flacher aussäen! – Evtl die Stelle mit einem Stein/Steinen markieren. Geeignet sind je nach Bodenverhältnissen und Rankgelegenheit alle Baumsaaten, Kalebassen und Kürbisse, Kiwanos und Gurken, Wassermelonen, Erbsen und Bohnen, Kartoffeln,… eben alles, was am „stillen Örtchen“ durchkommen könnte.

Ist das nicht sehr unhygienisch bzw besteht nicht die Gefahr von Parasiten/Verwurmung?

Es ist damit zu rechnen, daß, wenn viele verschiedene Menschen auf einer Fläche „düngen“, dort auch Eier von Madenwürmern u.a.m.  abgelegt werden. – Durch obige Methode wird jedoch die Infektionsgefahr (wie sie z.B bei Open-Air-Festivals bestünde) eher reduziert, da die Dünger A dezentral und sinnvoll ausgebracht werden und B dabei keinerlei kontaktöse Nachteile eines Gemeischaftsklos entstehen. Es ist dabei vorteilhaft, wenn jede/r TeilnehmerIn seinen/ihren eigenen Wasser-/Toiletteneimer hat. Gemeinsame „sanitäre Anlagen“ sind immer problematisch und sowohl aus hygienischer als auch ökologischer Sicht unsinnig, unnnatürlich, schädlich… Bereits mit einem kleinen Eimer oder, besser, einer Kalebasse Wasser kann jeder vor den Mahlzeiten Hände und nach dem Stuhlgang den Analbereich oder auch Unterwäsche und Körper waschen und das  Wasser danach zum Gießen verwenden. Damit gegossen werden sollten in diesem Falle nur solche Pflanzen(-Teile), die innerhalb der nächsten drei Wochen nicht (ungewaschen) gegegessen werden. (= Maximale Überlebenszeit von Madenwurmeiern) – Es dürfen bei dieser Methode natürlich keinerlei Chemikalien und Kosmetika, eben nichts, was dem Boden schadet, dh nichts Widernatürliches verwendet werden! – Ebenfalls sollte die Ernährung fleischfrei sein. Auch Klopapier ist sehr leicht durch Blätter, Moos,…. natürliche Dinge zu ersetzen.

Der  enorme ökologischen Nutzen solcher Maßnahmen liegt auf der Hand. – Je mehr Menschen diese Naturklotechnik anwenden, desto effektiver ihre Wirkung!. – Es wird dabei nicht mehr länger wertvoller Dünger verschwendet. Außerdem kann damit quasi überall gegärtnert werden, wo sich Menschen aufhalten. – Bei etwas mehr Gemeinschaftssinn und weniger Egoismus können und werden andere Menschen später die gesäten Pflanzen weiterpflegen und wieder andere ernten – Machen wir unsere Umgebung zum Fruchtwald!

Nähere Informationen, Einüben natürlichen Lebens und Essens und etliches mehr  bei Ihrem Besuch auf unserer ParadiesInselSystemFarm: Unsere Selbstversorger-Farm in Portugal ist für Neu-EinsteigerInnen bereit! – Weitere Projekte warten!

R.S. (der P.I.System-Autor) ist anwesend und steht für Sie bereit. Konzerte, Diskussionen, Vorträge, Kurse, alle erdenklichen Anwendungen sowie therapeutische Maßnahmen, Freundschaft, Liebe… alles erdenkliche ist möglich! Machen wir unsere (Um-)Welt zum Paradies!

Weitere Möglichkeiten des/mit dem P.I.System-Erfinder/s:

Planung und Aufbau von P.I.System-Subprojekten wie: Rohkost/Naturkostgastronomie, Natürlich Reisen-/Ökotourismus, Planung und Aufbau aller erdenklichen Naturtherapie- bzw Rehabilitations-Einrichtungen auf der Basis natürlichen Lebens und Essens (in Paradiesgarten-Anlagen), Lebensinseln, Ökodorf- bzw Siedlungsprojekte im Ausland, Ökolandbau, Selbst-/Autarkversorgung, Natur- und Menschenschutz, Naturernährung, Erschließung und Sicherung bisher ungenutzter menschlicher Nahrungsressourcen, natürliche bzw echte Verbesserung aller Lebensqualitäten, Verminderung von lebenswidrigen Schadeinflüssen bei Städte-/Wohnungsbau, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung und Umwelt, Medizin,… Vermarktung unserer kulinarischen Erfindungen (natürliche Zubereitungstechnik, Naturkonserven,…)

Geistige Wissensgebiete/Anliegen: Wahre christliche Religion, Jenseitskunde-Dämonologie, Feminologie, Befreiung der Frau von falschem Feminismus und Widernatürlichkeit hin zu echter Weiblichkeit, Hintergrundwissen, Revision verfälschter Wissenschaft und Geschichte,

Lebenspraktische Kenntnisse: alle mit der Selbstversorgung zusammenhängenden praktischen Fähigkeiten, etwa Käsen, Imkern, Ziegenzucht, Haltung von Kühen, Hühnern, Weinbereitung, Ölpressen, Nahrung natürlich zubereiten und konservieren, Anbau, Lagerung- und Verwertung aller Gemüse, Obstbau, ….

Ferner: Kinder- sowie Erwachsenenbildung und -Erziehung, natürliche Ernährung für Erwachsene und Kinder, natürliche Ernährung&Pflege von Säuglingen und Kleinkindern, Regeneration/Rehabilitation aller erdenklichen Fehler, Krankheiten und Leiden durch natürliches Leben und Essen, Überwindung von Entgiftungskrisen.

(Über-)Lebensschulung, Vorträge, Information, Beratung, Natürlich-Leben und Bauen-Workshops, Einführungskurse in sein Lebens-System u.v.a.m., das aus seinem Schriftensystem entnommen werden kann.

Personal Service (persönliche Dienstleistungen gewünschter Art, wish-fulfilling)

Mitnahme, Abholung zwecks Reisebegleitung und gewünschtenfalls anschließende Unterbringung auf (s)einer Paradies-Insel. Reisebegleitung/-Mitnahme in entlegene Naturgebiete. – Wer R.S. auf Reisen begleiten will, erhält durch ihn einen effizienten Intensivkurs in „natürlich Leben und Essen“, sowie den nötigen Kick, um seine alten eingefahrenen Kreise zu verlassen und sich umzustellen. Mitreisende sollten ggf willens sein, R.S. bei seinen Aufgaben nach Kräften zu unterstützen, sowie seine Lebens-/Ernährungsweise zu teilen. Da seine Aufgaben, seine Tätigkeitsbereiche sehr unterschiedlich sein können, sollten solche Personen einigermaßen wandlungsfähig und vor allem anpassungsfähig-/willig an natürliche Lebensbedingungen sein. Zur Begleitung kommen bevorzugt Frauen in Betracht. – Lies hierzu auch „Bedingungen für Partnerschaft mit R.S.“)

Konzerte, Musikabende, Straßenmusik, Parties, Treffen, Festivals,… (R.S. spielt vor allem E- und klassische Gitarre, bringt Wunsch-Lieder aus allen Epochen und Stilrichtungen, Schwerpunkt Rockmusik und Hits der 70er und 80er Jahre, auch Kirchenlieder.)

Hinweise: R.S. möchte darauf hinweisen, daß widernatürliche Lebens- und Umweltbedingungen sowie Handlungen gegen die Naturordnung (etwa widernatürliche Arbeit) für ihn nicht oder nur in begrenztem Rahmen annehmbar sind bzw zu Leistungsminderungen in jeglicher Hinsicht führen. Ein Treffen mit R.S. erbringt Lebensveränderungen und neue Perspektiven, deren Wert vom Lebensschüler meistens kaum ermessen werden kann, da er erst in der Zukunft zutage tritt.

Einladungen werden nach Dringlichkeit und Wichtigkeit der Anliegen berücksichtigt.

Abschnitte aus P.I.System/Mann und Frau/Vermännlichung von Frauen:

Da sämtliche künstlichen Ausleitungsmethoden in der Praxis nur unvollkommen funktionieren, weil damit meist nur Auswechselungen bzw Verlagerungen der krankhaften Dispositionen gelingen, sollte(n), wenn irgend möglich, natürliches Leben und Essen praktiziert oder zumindest die Lebens- und Ernährungsverhältnisse hin zu mehr Reinheit und Natur verbessert werden. – Um solches für Interessentinnen zu ermöglichen, hat der Autor das P.I.System entwickelt und ruft dringend auf, sich baldmöglichst – wir haben nicht mehr viel Zeit! – durch Spende bzw Beteiligung an Inselbeschaffungen und –Besiedelungen zu beteiligen.

Frau hat erst auf einer von der Konsumzivilisation isolierten Insel echte Chancen, ihrer Besessenheit zu entkommen. (s.a.“Therapie-Insel“)

Reinhold Schweikert ist einer der absolut wenigen Naturmänner auf diesem Planeten, vorausgesetzt, man versteht unter diesem Begriff  Männer, die sich ausschließlich roh und fleischfrei

, dabei dennoch vollwertig ernähren sowie natürlich, dh außerhalb von Städten, im Freien schlafend, ausschließlich natürlich arbeitend,… leben. Was R.S. bereits seit über zwanzig Jahren tut. – Er ist deshalb heute in der Lage, eine Partnerin, die seinen Weg mitgeht, ebenfalls ins Paradies zu führen. Da es nicht ausgeschlossen werden kann, daß es eines Tages mehrere Frauen geben wird, die seinen Weg mitgehen wollen, ist R.S. bereit, notfalls auch mehreren Frauen Mann zu sein. – Was KritikerInnen ihm sehr ankreiden. – Langjährige Erfahrungen bei der Umstellung und Regeneration von Frauen hin zur Naturfrau haben ergeben, daß solches für die meisten Frauen ohne die Verfügbarkeit und Hilfe eines kompetenten Mannes, auch auf der sinnlichen Ebene, auf Dauer nicht durchgehalten wird. – Somit muß für ernsthaft sich um ihre Regeneration kümmernde angehende Paradiesinsulanerinnen auch zumindest ein Mann zur Verfügung stehen. – Wir gestehen Frauen bis zum 27.Geburtstag jegliche Sexualität ohne Penetration zu. Bis zum 34.Geburtstag ist Penetration, jedoch ohne Samentransfer möglich. Danach kann zeugender GV praktiziert werden, wenn die angehende Naturfrau die dafür erforderlichen Voraussetzungen erfüllt. D.h u.a.: Vollrohkost nach dem P.I.System – keine abgemagerten Mangelrohköstlerinnen, da solche ein Kind nicht ernähren könnten bzw ohnehin meistens steril sind (natürlicher Zellaufbau kann jedoch auf unseren Lebensinseln nachgeholt werden) – Freiheit von Zahnplomben und anderen Implantaten – da andernfalls Naturleben nicht gemeistert und das P.I.System nicht verifiziert werden kann (Entgiftungssperren/Geistesblockaden), sowie die Bereitschaft, etwaige Kinder bei späterer Trennung im Vaterhaus bzw im Paradiesgarten zu belassen und diesen den Namen des Vaters zu geben. (Weitere Punkte siehe P.I.System/Sonderregelungen für Ex-/Partnerinnen von R.S.) Solange die Voraussetzungen noch nicht erfüllt werden können, können Kontakte bereits stattfinden. jedoch sollte dabei Schwangerschaft zuverlässig verhütet werden.

Aus P.I.System/aktuelle Optionen:


Während unserer langjährigen Natürlich-Leben-Praxis hat sich gezeigt, daß in allen Menschen, die in der Konsumwelt aufgewachsen sind und/oder sich dort noch befinden erhebliche Potentiale an Vergiftung, Dekadenz und damit Aberration vom wahren menschlichen Leben und Lieben vorhanden sind. Vergiftungsgrad und -Auswirkung können freilich sehr unterschiedlich sein. Viele Stufen der Konsumweltdekadenz fallen innerhalb so gut wie überhaupt nicht auf, weil sie eben dort bei den meisten Menschen anzutreffen sind und somit als Normalität empfunden werden. Andere wiederum treten offensichtlicher zutage, weil die speziellen Gifte Aberrationen verursachen, die vielleicht bei Störung auffälligere Gehirnfunktionen betreffen, zu Verbrechen bzw nichtkonformem Verhalten führen. Die in der modernen Welt überall anzutreffende Gruppe der Schwermetalle verursacht infolge ihrer Giftwirkung aufs Gehirn wohl die meisten psychopathologischen Konstellationen. – Wenn die Psychiatrie solche Krankheiten dann mit ebensolchen Giften (in Psychopharmaka) „heilen“ will, dann tut sie nichts anderes, als die bestehende Vergiftung zu erneuern und damit zu festigen bzw jegliche Ausleitung der Verursacher zu stoppen. Somit schließt sich für die Kranken ein unentrinnbarer Suchtkreislauf und für die Pharmaindustrie ein unendliches Geschäft, da nun jeder Versuch einer erneuten Befreiung von diesen Giften sofort wieder die alten Symptome, und dann noch verstärkt, zutage fördert. Die so erzeugten „Irren“ gelten deshalb als unheilbar! Und in der Tat will sich dann auch niemand an deren Befreiung und Reinigung und damit Ausleitung der enormen Lasten heranwagen. Wer das dennoch versucht, erlebt böse Überraschungen, denn die Reinigung bzw Abbuße der Giftlasten bewirkt übelste psychische Aberrationen, öffnet niederste Höllen an sämtlichen Abgründen und Verkehrtheiten, die nur denkbar sind. Gerne macht man da wieder einen Deckel drauf auf diese entweichenden Flaschengeister und schickt die äußerst unangenehm werdenden Kandidaten wieder zurück, wo sie herkamen!

Nicht wesentlich anders liegen die Verhaeltnisse bei anderen Kranhkheitsbildern.  Auch einem Krebskranken z.B. kann ich hier eben mal kurz und einfach seinen Weg aus der Krankheit weisen:  Er nehme sich eine Milchziege und ziehe damit in den Wald, ernaehre sich darin von Gemuesen, Fruechten und der Milch, schlafe im Freien und unterlasse alles Schaedliche und Widernatuerliche! – Leider wird er/sie diese meine vorgeschlagene Therapie, auch wenn sie absolut erfolgversprechend ist, praktisch kaum ausfuehren koennen! Konsumweltdekadenz, die endzeitliche Suechtigkeit nach allem Erdenklichem, unzaehlige Aengste und Zwaenge… verhindern diesen Weg. Auch hierzu braucht es daher Anleitung, die Abwesenheit der Konsumziv, eben eine Therapie-Natur-Insel!

Innerhalb der Konsumzivilisation jedenfalls koennen Ausleitung und Abbau aller Gifte und dekadenten Zellen kaum erfolgreich betrieben werden, weil zum einen ja überall Neuvergiftung und Suchtmittel einwirken, und zum anderen heftigste Aberrationen währende der Entgiftungsphasen vom Normalbürger nicht toleriert werden wollen. Dieser beobachtet solche häufig auch mit großer Angst vor den eigenen noch versteckten Abgründen. – Deshalb hier mein Ansatz zum Aufbau einer Therapie-Insel durch die Besiedelung einer leerstehenden küstennahen Insel in einem warmen Land außerhalb dem Zwangs-Gesetzesbereich Europas. Denn innerhalb können die oft als (lebens-)gefährlich erscheinenden Ausleitungskrisen derzeit kaum „legal“ durchgestanden werden. – Es gibt bei den dabei in Erscheinung tretenden niederen Geistwesen z.B. auch solche, die zum Suizid oder zur Gewalt an Mitmenschen verführen wollen. Andere verleiten zu Obszönitäten, sich-Wälzen im Kot u dgl mehr. – Auch muß das Klima einer solchen Insel durchgehend warm sein, weil damit zu rechnen ist, daß die Dämonen ihre Opfer in heftige Phobien und dabei zur Flucht vor allen erdenklichen Dingen treiben. – Nur auf einer Insel sind daher alle „Freiheiten“ für sämtliche Dämonen möglich außer jenen, die zu Gewalttaten an anderen führen wollen. Da letztere aus dem Konsum von Fleisch resultieren bzw dessen Entgiftungskrisen darstellen, sollten wir uns bei dieser Therapie-Insel auf VegetarierInnen oder VeganerInnen beschränken. VeganerInnen haben oftmals noch den Vorteil, sehr wenig Körpermasse und damit auch weniger Giftdepot-Möglichkeiten zu besitzen. Für Dickleibige wäre die Entgiftung weit anstrengender und langwieriger. Das Therapie-Insel-Projekt möchte ich vorerst vorrangig für Frauen reservieren, da ich mich den agressiven Männern während ihrer Krisen nicht gewachsen fühle, und Männer aufgrund ihrer andersartigen Polung ohnehin nicht so vollständig von Okkupation bedroht sind, diese ihr Wohl also selber in die Hand zu nehmen haben.

Ergo: Suchen wir sowohl nach einer passenden Insel, voraussichtlich im Bereich Mittelamerika, als auch nach geeigneten Kandidatinnen für unser Projekt. Sehr sinnvoll wäre natürlich auch noch die Mitwirkung einer Krankenkasse bzw psychiatrischen Anstalt. Die Insel wäre damit ja sehr leicht zu finanzieren und alle Chancen echter Heilung wären erstmals gegeben. Außer dem Insel-Kauf und dem Transport von Menschen fielen so gut wie keine weiteren Kosten an.

Ich möchte diese Therapie-Insel jedoch eigentlich keineswegs nur für Pschiatrie-Opfer eröffnen, sondern klarmachen, daß eigentlich jede Frau aus der Ziv sie passieren sollte, bevor die Zulassung auf eine spätere paradiesische Lebensinsel, die wir dann im Pazifik öffnen wollen, erfolgen kann.

Ich bitte zu bedenken, daß es sich bei diesem Projekt sowie auf allen bereits installierten P.I.System-Farmen um eine erst- und einmalige echte Natur-Lebens-Therapie handelt, mit der für jeden dazu willigen Menschen die Möglichkeit eröffnet wird, seine Schwächen, Defizite, Fehler, Nöte, Krankheiten…. physisch wie psychisch real zu überwinden. – Finden sich genügend MitmacherInnen, läßt sich alles auch mühelos finanzieren!

Entgiftungs-/Regenerationsdauer: Die notwendige Zeit, bis ein menschliches Körper-Geist-Seele-System von allen über die Konsum-Ziv erhaltenen Schlägen und Deformationen geheilt ist, dauert je nach Art der Schädigung sowie Reinheit der Umwelt und Nahrung unterschiedlich lange. Man muß unter den heutigen Lebensbedingungen in Europa da eigentlich eher mit Jahrzehnten als mit Jahren rechnen. Etwas schneller, ggf aber auch anstrengender können die Entgiftungsprozesse auf Lebensinseln fernab in Übersee absolviert werden, wo noch reine Luft vorherrscht und keine Mikrowellen/Radioaktivität… Zellregeneration bremsen. Langzeit- Regenerations-Prozesse erfordern i.d.R. alle Schädigungen des Gehirns, insbesondere durch Drogen (THC), aber auch z.B. durch Amalgam aus Zahnfüllungen und durch hochgiftige Impfseren. Wir müssen da im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes mit einer Lebens-Schule, dh lebenslangen Reinigungs- und Reifungsprozessen rechnen. – Was ja auch das Ansinnen unseres Systems, unserer „ökopraktischen Lebens- und Geistesschule“ ist.

Wir bitten um Mitarbeit an allen erdenklichen Stellen dieses Projekts, damit es möglich wird! (Inselsuche, Pacht, Transportmöglichkeiten, Begleitung, Behörden, Formalitäten, Finanzierung, Übersetzungen von P.I.System-Schriften, Be-/Werbungen….) Es ist dabei nicht nötig, stets mit uns Rücksprache zu nehmen. Jeder kann an der Stelle, an der er/sie sitzt, laufend etwas für das P.I.SYSTEM tun, und dann vielleicht nur kurz Erfolgsmeldungen weiterreichen.

Einiges ueber finanzielle Beteiligung:  Da wir bisher aus Gründen der Unabhängigkeit völlig auf  sämtliche öffentlichen Gelder verzichtet haben, sind wir auf unabhaengige Eigenfinanzierung angewiesen. Sich Beteiligende können eine lange Reihe von möglichen Optionen als Gegenleistungen fuer ihre Einsaetze wählen.  – Es lohnt sich doppelt und dreifach! – Informieren Sie sich hierzu bitte in meinem Schriftgut. (z.B. P.I.System-Club)

Einige Beispiele:

Wir unterhalten große Gartenanlagen und legen staendig Neupflanzungen aus Fruchtbäumen an, die auch fuer Sie Nahrung spenden werden. Wir unterhalten alle notwendigen Nutztierarten fuer Milch, Honig und Eier.

Wir unterhalten außerdem große Lagervorräte an allen wichtigen Nahrungsmitteln sowie Kleidern, auch für den Fall, daß irgendeine Notlage in Zentraleuropa eintritt und wir plötzlich alle Inverstoren beherbergen müssen.

Unsere Selbstversorgerfarmen werden so aufgebaut, daß Fruchtgärten entstehen, quasi Ödland in Fruchtwälder verwandelt wird, die jeweils heimische und fremde Sorten möglichst ganzjährig fruchtend beherbergen, so daß alle darin Lebenden größtmögliche Autarkie, Versorgungssicherheit und Lebensgenuß erfahren.

Wir/Sie unterhalten zusätzlich noch einige Fahrzeuge und Maschinen, damit die Landwirtschaft für Sie und uns notfalls auch leicht größere Mengen produzieren kann. Ebenfalls unterhalten Sie/wir Windkraft- sowie eine Solaranlagen. Es gibt für Sie/uns auf den Lebensinseln neben reiner Natur aber auch noch Telefon, Computer/Internet, TV, Videothek, Diskothek, Bibliothek, … und viele Möglichkeiten lebenspraktischer Tätigkeiten. Zusätzlich sind weitere Häuser angemietet, damit Sie, wenn Sie das wünschen, auch separat wohnen können.

Also, beteiligen Sie sich! – Wir sind die Pioniere, Sie bereiten sich zuhause schon mal auf Ihr Naturleben und –Essen vor und machen immer mal wieder Lernbesuche bei uns. Eines Tages kommen Sie nach auf eine für Sie passende und in den wichtigsten Punkten bereits fertiggestellte und funktionsfähige Autark-Anlage, die Sie dann noch weiter verbessern können! – Noch nie war Auswandern so einfach!

P.I.System/ personal service
Tel.: 00351 245 992 419
Post: Reinhold Schweikert, Ap.111,
P-7320-999 Castelo de Vide

Liebe Freunde,
Wir alle wissen, wie es steht mit dem Leben und Lieben in dieser Zeit. Sehr schnell kann sich vieles ändern. Voraussehbar, kalkulierbar ist wahrlich nicht mehr alles – Wir wollen nicht schwarzmalen. – Zu allen Zeiten des Umbruchs und sogar des Zusammenbruchs geschahen und geschehen Veränderungen dem zugute, der sie zu nutzen weiß. – Und Gründe, sich, seine Umwelt, seine Arbeits- und Lebensweise positiv zu verändern gibt es heute meistens mehr denn je. Denn diese Welt und fast all ihre Werte stehen Kopf! Lüge, Nepp, (Selbst-)Betrug thronen, Falschgesetze wurden von kriminellen Zwangsregenten installiert, deren Verwaltungen ihre Völker knebeln. Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit müssen sich verstecken, weil sie sonst bekämpft, abgeschafft, „gesetzlich“ verboten,… werden. Wer da immer noch im großen Strom der manipulierten, konditionierten Masse mitschwimmt, macht sich schuldig! – Zwar vielleicht (noch) nicht vor einem weltlichen, dafür umso mehr einem ewigen Gericht.
Kurz und gut, wir wollen und können in vielen Fällen helfen, uns einsetzen für positive Veränderungen, auch bei Dir/Ihnen! Wie und was mit uns machbar ist, möchte ich hier gar nicht alles auflisten. Es ist alles denkbar und alles denkbar Gute auch machbar, wenn wir nur wollen. – Sie brauchen jemanden für diesen oder jenen Zweck, sie wollen sich befreien aus einer Zwangslage, sie wollen sich endlich radikal verändern, Verbesserungen in Angriff nehmen, oder, sie wollen einfach mal ganz anders, einfach und natürlich leben!
Daß wir uns richtig verstehen: Was wir unter Lebens-Verbesserung verstehen ist schlichtweg alles, was sie zu mehr Natürlichkeit im Leben und Essen führt. Es geht hierbei nicht immer um reine Bequemlichkeit, zumindest nicht anfangs bei der Umstellung. – Wir führen Sie/Dich weg von Sucht und Krankheit, und hinein ins Naturleben! – Auf unseren Lebensinseln, oder aber wir versuchen, bei Ihnen/Dir zuhause Entscheidendes zu verbessern. Z.B. führen wir eine neue natürliche Ernährungsweise ein, stellen die Küche auf Naturkost um, bringen Dir/Ihnen alles Lebensnotwendige bei, eliminieren oder begrenzen Schädliches, erschließen bessere Versorgungsquellen, planen und beginnen Land- und Gartenbau/Eigenversorgung.Wir nehmen Sie/Dich bei gegenseitigem Gefallen in unseren Freundeskreis auf und ermöglichen dabei längere oder gar ständige Auslandsaufenthalte.
Reden Sie mit uns, sagen Sie, was Sie brauchen, wollen,… Wir werden Ihre Wünsche nach Möglichkeit erfüllen.

Unsere Dienste können auf diverse Weise beglichen werden. Treten Sie mit uns in direkten Kontakt um mehr zu erfahren.

Bitte bedenken Sie: Unsere MitarbeiterInnen sind Naturmenschen und haben demzufolge andere Lebens- und Eßgewohnheiten. Zur besseren Information eine kleine Auflistung dessen, was wir nicht lieben: Städte, Abgase, Lärm, schlechte Luft, Leben in geschlossenen Räumen/Häusern, Heizungsluft,  Schlafen in Zimmern, Fernseher und andere Bildschirme, Mikrowellen, Massenansammlungen, Chemikalien in Essen, Kleidung, Atemluft,….. jegliche Kosmetik, sämtliche Kunst-Düfte aus Parfums, Seifen, Zahnpasten, Shampoos,…  alles, was nicht natürlich, denaturiert ist. Also auch Brillen oder Implantate, Zahnplomben, Prothesen,….
Man bedenke ebenfalls, daß alles Erhitzte, Gebratene, Gekochte, Destillierte als nicht mehr natürlich, also als Denaturat und daher Schlechtes/Krankmachendes zu gelten hat! – Wir leben und lieben vom Lebendigen, nicht vom Toten! Wir sind der Ansicht, daß es dem Menschen niemals erlaubt wurde, seine Nahrung und Umwelt mittels zellschädigender Prozessuren (Hitze, Frost, Zentrifugierung, Bestrahlung,…) so zu verändern, daß dabei die lebendigen Zellstrukturen derartig demoliert werden, daß sie absterben.
Heizung mag im Nordlandwinter seine Berechtigung haben, doch haben dortige Winter unter Kunstlicht und in beheizten Räumen stets einen sehr negativen Effekt auf Gesundheit und Psyche. – Weshalb wir lieber in Südländern leben. – Man sollte freilich auch im Norden wo möglich wieder auf natürlich-feuerfreie Heizquellen setzen. (z.B. auf Tierwärme – Kuhstalleffekt)
Anstatt sich jedoch zu überlegen, wo und wie Sie einen Personal-Service-Mann bei –15Grad Celsius im deutschen Winter in frischer Luft beherbergen können, überlegen Sie sich vielleicht besser, ob und wie Sie selber diese lebensfeindliche Winterzone verlassen und an einen wärmeren Ort kommen können! – Ist solches nicht möglich, dann ist zu prüfen, ob das Anliegen nicht auf eine günstigere Jahreszeit verschoben werden kann. Einen Winter in der Natur durchzustehen erfordert einiges an Vorbereitung, Durchhaltevermögen, Wissen und Können, ist für EinsteigerInnen also kaum zu empfehlen. – Andererseits ist es Erfahrungstatsache, daß größere Komplikationen bzw Hilfe-/Bedarf sehr oft gerade im Winter und Frühjahr entstehen.
Zuletzt noch einige Dinge, die wir lieben:
Menschen- und zivilisationsferne Gegenden. Im Rhythmus der Natur leben. Dh z.B. bei Einbruch der Dunkelheit zum Schlafen gehen. Wir lieben keine nächtlichen Umtriebe, sondern genießen die frische Nachtluft, das Panorama des Sternenhimmels, die Ruhe und Stille, den Partner/die Partnerin. Wir lieben Pflanzen und Tiere, insbesondere jene, die uns Nahrung spenden, also alle Fruchtbäume, samentragenden Stauden, alle Gemüsepflanzen und Kräuter, unsere lieben Tiere, von denen wir Milch, Eier und Honig erhalten. Wir lieben unseren reinen selbstgekelterten Naturwein, unsere Öle, Milch, Käse und Eier unserer Tiere, unser tägliches Naturkost-Festmahl, die Musik, unsere Arbeit, die niemals langweilig und sinnlos oder gar naturschädlich  ist. Wir lieben unsere Natur-Kinder, die wir selbst erziehen und schulen. Wir lieben das gesunde Leben, das uns im Einklang mit der Gottes- und Naturordnung geschenkt wird und das uns täglich neue Freuden und Erkenntnisse bringt.
Wir wollen schrittweise die alte Konsumwelt mitsamt all ihren Verirrungen und Krankheiten überwinden und laden Dich/Sie ein, bei uns mit zu machen.
Beschreiben oder nennen Sie uns Ihren Bedarf/Ihre Wünsche möglichst genau. Auch die Mittel oder Gegenleistungen, die Sie für unsere Leistungen erbringen können. – Wir ermitteln dann die für Sie geeignetste Person und leiten das Treffen in die Wege.

Bitte sehen Sie sich auch Ihre nun verbesserten Einstiegsmöglichkeiten über den ParadiesInselClub an! – Natursiedeln könnte damit auch für Sie möglich werden! (siehe „Regularien“)


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